I’ve had a horrible migraine today… hence why the IOTD and Calendar are late. oops! I’m finally able to sit up, and think a bit more than OW! that hurts! 😉



Happy Happy and Brrrrrr!

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OMG it’s cold, and it has raised a degree since earlier this morning, it’s now -11. :p

Yesterday I had called for a ride to work, and was informed that they were unable to get me, which was fine. During the night, I had gotten woke up by a horrible migraine. I hate it when they are that bad, that they wake me up in pain. I couldn’t take a med because it makes me sleepy, but once I found out I wasn’t going to be going to work, I called the boss and took a sick day. And then I immediately took one of my migraine meds and drifted back to sleep. About six or so hours later it was down to a five on the ten scale. Manageable but still owies.

I called/texted for a ride last night, and they were able to get me this morning. So I’m in. 🙂
And have been informed that I might get to leave at 3:30 today, that would be awesome!! I need some more migraine meds… I think it’s the barometric pressure that is not allowing this migraine to just go away. UGH! Hopefully the boss says yes! 😀 (The news comes from the ‘big’ boss. :D)

Anywho it is very dangerously cold outside, if you don’t need to be outside, DON’T!
If you do, please be sure to dress appropriately, in layers, tuck your pants inside of your boots, helps keep the warmth in, cover your head, nose and mouth- hats and scarves. Ensure you have gloves, and use them.
Also be sure to stay hydrated, most people don’t know you can still dehydrate in the winter. Moisturize your hands and feet after they have been warmed up. Keep your socks dry, and change them if they get wet.

Stay warm, stay safe and have a great day!

***OOOOH! Update! the Big Boss says I can leave at 3:30, and he is the ‘Big’ Boss! 😀

Wait five minutes…

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Very popular saying here in Indiana, in reference to our weather. “Don’t like it, wait five minutes.”

And whoa, that is so true some days. Woke up this morning, and while it wasn’t all that, it was nice. Then a bit later in the morning the wind started picking up. Went to lunch and it was okay. Come back in to my office and shut off my lights, yeah still have a migraine. OI! But then it started to get really dark, and when I look up again it’s a torrential downpour outside my window. So yeah, wait five minutes.

Be careful out there, we’re still under weather alerts!

sick…migraine was over 20, on the pain scale…


I pretty much stayed in bed, trying to keep it cold and dark, smells would set my stomach off, and I was getting sick. which then would cause my fibro to act up. damn…I hate it when it’s this bad.

then I received this tag as a present from a friend, simply lovely!! Thank you, Alyssia!!

and good night, taken my shot, as the ibuprofen still wasn’t cutting it. Migraine has receded to a bad headache, but still couldn’t get to sleep.

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