I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again…

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Migraines suck!

It started a bit on Wednesday and was full bore on Thursday. I had to call into work and pass it off to my alternative. I then fell asleep and didn’t wake up until mid-morning on Friday.  I was still feeling the pain, though.  Hubs and I had already made plans for Veteran’s day. And we finally made it in for a free lunch.

The menu choices, pretty nice selection!

Which since it was free, we gave our server a really good tip. We got our meals for free, so we gave a tip of half of what the actual price would’ve been. Especially since 1) Logan was a great server and 2) we noticed others not tipping. 😦  I get it, but still.

I took a photo of hubs who then demanded equal time and I look bored in my photo but was actually in pain still.

We then went to Ulta as I wanted to get my hair color freshened up.  And OW! OW! OW! 😦 the woman who claimed to be the assistant manager of the Salon was torturing my hair/head. All because I didn’t want to get the treatments she highly suggested I get. At thirty dollars a pop, I passed. And I have the same treatments at home already. I informed her of that but she didn’t seem to understand. She was saying while pulling my hair. “If you had the treatment this wouldn’t hurt so much!” Hubs heard that and went to speak to a manager and viola, I got the Veteran’s discount on my color and he got me free makeup. No way was I paying up to seventy dollars (her fee) for a haircut. 😦 And I also went there as the stylists usually do a great job of massaging my scalp which lessens my migraine, not this time obviously!

I do like the color, by the way, very pretty! I checked out and this time, no I did not want to leave a tip! Would you?

And then we went to the mall to do some window shopping. Which actually was fun! 🙂 I did get a few new items at my fave store, I’ve been losing more weight and needed some pants that would stay up. 😉

And then at Books a Million they had one of the new Wonder Woman coloring books, I’ll be scanning the images to color on the Pro! wooHoo! And we found Hubs a large action figure of Harley Quinn at FYE. Yay! for my discount card there! lol  We haven’t gone back to the comic book store after he did the work there. I’m still not happy about that…but I protest in where I spend my money. Actions speak louder than words and apparently so does money! 😉

We made it home and relaxed for a bit, found out that JiJi knocked his treats off the top of the fridge and was eating them. Silly kitty has no regrets! LOL




so no IOTD and no social media posting yesterday… temp over a 100 with throwing up and a sinus pressure migraine. So no, to much pain to read/write and stare at a screen, slept most of it off. My temp is just under a 100, pressure has backed off a bit. so ta*da I’m at work. 😉

and for those I missed yesterday!


ugh and meh…


so Monday I had a horrible sinus attack and the start of a stomach bug… not a fun day at all. 😦

and then Tuesday I was woken up with a migraine around two o’clock and was unable to get rid of it, and the stomach bug had gotten worse, forget nausea and up it to throwing up. 😦

The bug is pretty much gone, I hope, and yet the migraine is still hanging on. Today it’s a manageable 3. Still painful but not as bad as an 8 level. Time for coffee!

bleh :(

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I am soo sick of nearly constant migraines. I’ve been having a headache every day for what the past two to three months? And when I get stressed they flip into a migraine, and then I’m down for twenty-four hours. This is getting beyond annoying. Yep, had a headache on Wednesday and with the additional stress that flipped it into a migraine. I slept all day yesterday, hubs woke me up to eat something, and then went back to sleep until the alarm went off this morning. And I have a headache. OI! 😦   to top this off, I forgot my bag with my meds, my lunch and my favorite pen. ACK!

I will survive but owies!!




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Finally got the header image changed. All these migraines are not helping me this month. So far I’ve had one daily, different levels, but oi! 😦


IOTD and meh


Another really bad migraine day! Normally it’s in one area, but today it decided to hit 3! Areas! I’m still lying in bed with a cold compress and the lights off. Fuuuuuuu ck this is hurting! And hubs has a sinus migraine as well. We’re both not happy campers.

So I found this while looking at pix here on my iPad. It’s a beautiful 70 degrees here- checked my weather app-cause no way I’m going outside right now. The light is killing me, good thing I can adjust the light on the iPad. 😉

Y’all have a beautiful day!


migraines suck


On the way home from work last night, hubs had to pull over. I got sick. 😦

Then around one o’clock I was finally able to get some sleep…for about an hour. And then I woke up crying. Took another migraine pill and waited and waited…. finally conked out and slept for two hours…UGH!

I had to call in to work today, I just couldn’t go. Not enough sleep, and couldn’t concentrate. Hubs was finally able to get me to the car, and kept it nice and frigid for me. We used a black net to keep me in the dark. Thankfully the CBOC- VA mini office in Muncie has the shots that work on me. I didn’t feel like waiting four hours at the Marion VA, when the CBOC knows the 411, and as soon as they saw me, I got the shot!

Hubs took me to get some food, and then allowed me to rest while he ran a few errands. When he got back I was feeling better. We did some other errands while in Muncie. And then came home, where I was finally able to get some sleep. Tomorrow I have another VA appointment, my migraines have been more frequent lately. I’ve been able to get through some of them, but the one I’ve had since last night…I don’t want any more of those!

For those of you that don’t suffer migraines, yay! For those of you that have a clue what I’ve gone through, yeah! This wasn’t pretty. My eyes still hurt and are puffy from the crying, my throat is sore well from-you know. Thank goodness Hubs knows how to take care of me when I’m hurting like this.

But I’m feeling better now. Going to have some more yummy water, mm. And try to just be for a bit.

so that’s why the COTD and the IOTD are late.

take care


And in other news…


OI! I had a migraine so bad yesterday, I couldn’t stop crying. My meds weren’t even putting a dent in the pain. I was finally able to get some sleep which has knocked it down to half the pain level. At least today I make some sense speaking and writing. Migraines S U C K ! I think it’s the cold and the weather, the weather has always affected my migraines badly and add in the sinus issues. OI Vey!

And then when I was finally cognizant yesterday, Hubs informed me that the water, he thought was just frozen, it’s worse. So we have a plumbing company coming out. But they won’t be here till Monday. I wonder if one of my local friends would allow us to come over and take a shower and wash maybe a small load of clothes.  I’ve done it for people before, so now time for some good karma to us?

Otherwise I’m going to attempt to distract myself by going in and doing some revisions, ensure that Chapter two is ready to go tomorrow on the Bunny site, and stay warm. Hubs picked up some water jugs so we can make coffee, and flush the commodes. Good water and utility water. 😉 I joke about coffee a lot, but that has also helped the migraine go down a bit.  Okay, so time to go revise and write. Is it bad, if I say I like my story? Sound conceited? LOL 😛

laters kittens, say a prayer or send good vibes-whichever you prefer, that the plumber is here on Monday and that I have friend that lets us use a shower this weekend. Otherwise some of that utility water is being heated up for bird baths. lol ah that old Army training is still handy! 😀


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