WOW! I have had quite a few happy moments tonight!

Starting with my boss remembering my work anniversary 7 years two days early.

And he brought me Pizza King Pizza!  Ham and pineapple on a thin crust! Yeah! I love Pizza King but dudes, it’s expensive! LOL 😀  He even brought in my support staff their own pizza! NOW that makes me HAPPY! My support staff takes care of me, manages my time with me, keeps me focused and productive and even intuits what I need before I ask for it! Yep, that’s good support staff! Take a bow, Roger and Alycia! You’ll make me happy on a daily basis simply for being YOU!

unnamed-2 Then I received a snickers bar from Alycia for being nice! Awww! Hugs!


And then, later on, my charge nurse on the unit, John brought me a bag full of goodies. See I can be good. Okay, stop snorting!! It does so happen! LOL 😛

oh, no pix of the pizza’s they didn’t last that long. LOL I CMU!

CMU=crack myself up