la la laaa love my friends!

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Thank you very much! ❤ 😉

Hubs brought in the mail yesterday, and I had a box! Inside was a figure I’ve been looking for! Oh yeah, I collect Monster High Dolls! Not all, but the one’s I like. 😉

This one is a combination of two of my faves in one, Cleo deNile and Toralei Stripe. for those that know me, will agree, I’m kind of a combo of the two. lol :p

Hero-Cleo-Character_tcm577-204139 Hero-Toralei-Character_tcm577-206714 k2-_e17a378b-0248-43e9-a055-6d90e34f77cf.v1 84e09ee9a6ec2c1b05567cddcb2b0745 Photographer Jeff O'Brien Stylist Suan Kurtz download Profile_art_-_Cleolei

ps- I will be sending you a thank you card via snail mail!! xoxo ❤

Casta and Katty

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So curious is this stereotyping? A witch and her best friend, a black cat?

tumblr_n5c2wniYrx1szp73uo1_r1_500Casta Fierce is a 2014-introduced and all-around character. She is a witch, specifically the daughter of Circe, and the lead singer of The Spells. Aside from Casta, The Spells consist of three girls who are uniquely immune to Casta’s magic. Like her mother, Casta can turn anyone into any animal, but she has limited control over her powers. One misspoken word or unfortunately phrased sentence is enough to turn anyone hearing it into the matching animal. This has put a damper on her singing career, but Casta and her band keep making music as they look for solutions. Casta is a close friend of Catty Noir, a colleague of hers.


Catty Noir is a 2013-introduced and all-around character. She is a werecat and a student at Monster High. Having striven for a place in the music industry from a very young age, Catty is a world-famous pop star and teen idol, who has many fans at Monster High. It was a meeting with these fans that eventually made her decide to put her career on hold at age 16 to enjoy what remained of her teenage years as a regular student. Though she loves to sing and entertain others, it does her good to finally have time for herself again. One thing she hasn’t put on hold is her adherence to superstition. In general, the way it affects her life is small and can be worked with, but occasionally her uncompromising beliefs get her into trouble.

Both from: Monster High Wiki


One thing I love about their dolls, it allows kids and uh yeah, us adults to be proud of who/what we are. We don’t have to aspire to be Barbie perfect. JMO!

For Fun!

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I am a Monster High fan. LOL


True Story…and other stuff from this past week.

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True Story;
I was sitting in my office the other day, when my phone rang, and it was my Dad. Now, like Chuck Norris-you do not decline a phone call from your daddy. Well, I don’t.

so I connect, and I hear rustling noises. “hello…hello…” Nothing..more rustling. So my mind starts racing, oh my god, he’s having a stroke and he hit speed dial, knowing I’d know what to do…whoa, slow down there brain! so then I start singing. “Daddy, can you hear me? Daddy, are you there?”

He hears me singing and fishes out his phone. “Hello?”

Finally, he is able to speak. I asked him what he wanted, and said he called me.

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.”

“No. Must’ve been my butt!”

“So the smart ass, calls the smartass daughter, nice!”

We both start cracking up…so I know he’s okay, I tell him, I love him, and he tells me he loves me. We then start laughing, as he said, “You were singing to me.”

“Well, yeah. Better than freaking out, and calling 911.”

Course I still don’t know where he was…and how 911 would’ve located him? But… just an example of how fun a day can be in my life. A moment of terror with some giggles thrown in. oh fyi, my blood pressure shot straight up, till I started singing. lol

And then the rest of the week, was busy busy busy. Why yes, it was a full moon.
but the hubs was sweet this past week, and surprised me with a few presents. Squee!! Some of the new Monster High doll’s- the two pack; Clawd & Draculaura, and some of the Sweet Sixteen Hundred dolls! Squee.

My pix:
Draculaura it’s her Sweet Sixteen Hundredth

Frankie Stein in her party dress,

Cleo de Nile, I think this is from an earlier back to school series?

and the two pack surprise, I got on Friday!! Clawd Wolf and Draculaura. awww!

and yesterday, I took the time to go get my nails done. No shamrocks, no one there knew how to do them? So pretty lucky green tips, with a spot of gold. 😀

later, I hope to be doing a review of a few new app’s, I’ve downloaded thanks to Appsgonefree.

otherwise, have a beautiful Sunday!! 😀

not fair…


I finally caught whatever flu is going around. UGH! 😦

my body hurts more than usual and in weird spots…normally, my neck hurts, but not my arms. It feels like every joint is on fire right now.

And I’ve decided, I’m still hungry, Fish & chips! 🙂

Anywho, about yesterday, cause I’m still a little giddy about it. lol 😀

We went on a monster hunt! Three new Monster High dolls had been released and we found All three of them!! woohoo!! Operetta, Toralei and Nefera. And to see some of the cartoons; http://www.monsterhigh.com/videos/

I’m catching up on all of them! 😀 hey, you’re never to old for fun!

and now for the cute pix:

Nefera, Cleo de Nile’s older sister (and for doll collector’s, the body is different than the originals)

Toralei Stripe

So once we found our monster’s, we headed home, via the Taylor Bakery! OMG! They make the best pastries, if ever in Indy, you’ve got to check them out; Taylor Bakery
store front:

and the goodies for St Patrick’s day

and oh yeah! Cannoli’s!! definitely on my must buy!! 😀

mm, that’s all for now! tmrw’s blog, Digital versus print magazines, aka “B&N sucks on their mag selections!”
later, stay safe! My thoughts, and prayers to all of those affected by the storms & tornado’s.

Lazy Sunday

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well not all that lazy…I’ve done some more cleaning/organizing. Until my body said “I’m done!” while I love the change in season’s, my Fibro has a small problem with it. And lately it’s been focused on my lower back, hips, knees and ankles. So I’m in bed with my legs propped up. 😀

As I mentioned yesterday, when the hub’s is hurt he likes to do some shopping and I don’t mind.
We went to the mall, to walk around for some exercise. While I was in Hot Topic, he went into the bookstore, and picked up the new Yasmine Galenorn, Otherworld series for me. Shaded Vision. oooh!! 😀

available Now (digital/hardcopy):

And then, we stopped at Target, woot!! He surprised me with another goodie for my collection: Sweet 1600 Clawdeen Wolf

And today, he brings home this sweet pressie:

He has people looking for these for me too!! so now to post the next one’s I’m looking for.
Clawdeen and her little sister, Howleen. awww, looks familiar. LOL

I’m also going to be looking for Robecca Steam

and OMG! Toralei Stripe aka the were cat!! “Where oh, where are you at?”

and now to go write… I love writing!! And it’s very good at helping me to ignore the pain.
OOOOH, Fish & Chips for dinner, and Moose Tracks for dessert! woohooo!

I’m a big kid


so earlier today we went to go see the Smurf’s movie, and I liked it overall, my favorite quote, “I kissed a smurf and I liked it.” by Smurfette voiced by Katie Perry. to cute!

And then I found the newest Monster High Clawdeen Wolf, yes I collect dolls. My interest are in Unique dolls. And the Monster High, I wish these had been around when I was younger. Very cool, imo!

I own the following:
The Original

Dawn of the Dance

Gloom Beach

The 2011 Back to School

The one’s I want!

other than having a nice day, I’m just chillaxing, writing and watching Criminal Minds.

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