And now to update ya’ll on why no blog entries for a week (5 days). As most know I had a medical procedure on Wednesday. Well… yeah!

On Tuesday I had a migraine, not like my other migraines and I couldn’t stop throwing up. It got worse as the day progressed until I had to call in to work and Hubs finally drove me to the Indy VA. I got to sit in the ED until my appointment.  WE all wanted to keep an eye on me and my blood pressure. 😦

Which then my procedure was hell! Okay, I’m being a little over the top, but yeah! The initial procedure was moved to later that day, I had to go through the stress test again as the Doctor wanted to confirm the failure I had! Which, guess what???? Yep! Failed it again, good news the cardiologist was in the room! Another bit of good news, I have my own cardiologist now. Yep, from the pool of multiple docs, I get the same one every time now. 😉 And after the second procedure, I am scheduled for surgery this Friday, the twenty-third of December. So what do I want for Christmas? To be okay after this surgery! (and have my family come visit me this weekend…) 

In the good news department; I start my vacation on the twenty-third, officially the twenty-sixth, but I’m off work that Friday so I’m saying I’m starting it then. I will have a week to recuperate! Not, how I intended to spend my vacation. But…it’s all good! 😉

I’ll have to leave early from work this Friday morning, which my boss has already approved and will be emailing my backup to explain the 411. So that’s good too! Check in is at 0800 and my surgery is 0830, and with traffic and weather I’ll be leaving work around five. I have to stop by the house and pick up Patrick. He’ll drive the rest of the way and I’ll try to sleep a bit. Yeah, right! That’s the plan now, we’ll see how that works come Friday morning. 😉

So this is why no IOTD’s for the past five days! I’ve been recuperating from the last procedure and fending off the virus I’ve gotten. Friday and Saturday I was miserable, tonight, it’s not that bad, but not that good either. I’m dealing.

In other words, I’ll probably be scheduling some posts: Stargate Rewind, IOTD’s, and maybe a Christmas post. Because honestly, if I was out of it on Thursday this past week after a small procedure, then I can imagine what I’m going to be like after surgery. My boss was nice not to bring up my weird text messages that I sent to him in reply to his text message on Thursday. I finally had hubs help me out. I was that loopy and had the day before completely out of order.

Blessed Be, stay warm and be careful!