so the asshole in the oval office okayed a military operation and he did so without listening to PEOPLE THAT KNOW WHAT THEY’RE DOING! and what happened a Navy Seal, one of the best of the best died with others; civilians and children!! And I’m still hearing how “omg thank you for trump!” are you fucking kidding me? Thank you for this asshole that in one week has divided this country, insulted our allies, and boasted BOASTED about speaking to Putin!! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!!!

At a national prayer breakfast, he goes off on Arnold Schwarzenegger for low ratings on a tv show (his old tv show which is a piece of crap btw)! Watch it for yourself, and btw I didn’t watch it then and I won’t watch it now, because of TRUMP!!! Mark has it right!!! People associate it with that asshole trump and don’t want to watch it! Arnold get out of there now before you’re lowered to his level!


I just can not get over how many racist or delusional ppl we have in the US, if we don’t end up in WW III, we’ll end up in another civil war! Which would just suck. Or hey, here’s an idea all those patriotic militia ppl can go fight in the middle east and we’ll take the refugees instead. How’s that sound to the reasonable ppl that read my blog? 😉