The Crack

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Source: EarthSky   Release Date: Nov 02, 2015
Not a danger to humans … just a cool example of nature’s power. The Crack, as locals call it, is now hundreds of yards (meters) long and still growing.
The Crack in Wyoming. Photo by Randy Becker of Casper.
The Crack in Wyoming. Photo by Randy Becker of Casper
A giant crack has opened up in the ground near Lysite in central Wyoming, caused by gravity and a rainy spring.
Locals just call it The Crack. It started to open at the end of September, 2015 and is still going. Now it’s at least 100 feet (30 meters) deep in some places. Employees of SNS Outfitter & Guides on Facebook were the first to find The Crack and post photos of it at their Facebook page. In an update on October 26, 2015, they said:
    Since so many people have commented and asked questions, we wanted to post an update with a little more information. An engineer from Riverton, Wyoming came out to shed a little light on this giant crack in the Earth. Apparently, a wet spring lubricated across a cap rock. Then, a small spring on either side caused the bottom to slide out. He estimated 15 to 20 million yards of movement. By range finder, an estimate is 750 yards [685 meters] long and about 50 yards [45 meters] wide.
The Crack is on state-owned land in the middle of a private cattle ranch. It poses no danger to humans, geologists say. Wyoming state geologist Tom Drean told USAToday that slides like this happen regularly in Wyoming, although they’re usually smaller. He pointed out the state has a long history of unique geography, from the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone National Park’s Old Faithful geyser. He said:
    It certainly shows the power of the Earth.
    Wyoming is a geologic wonderland, and this is just an example of that wonderland.
The Crack, via SNS Outfitters & Guides
The Crack, via SNS Outfitters & Guides
thank you, Skeen! 😉 

Wacky and Wonderful Wednesday!

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And bonus news today; I was informed that my four hour friday had changed…. from noon to four, to eight to noon! *Happy Dance* I’m up early anyway, so I get up, get the workie stuff over with and then have the rest of the day off. SWEET!

Because I will be contacting the Geek Monkey’s to help me with something. And I need to organize some things, go back through my clothes-yet again. I’ve lost some more weight. My clothes are starting to fall off me, even with a belt. Good/bad…eh!

So the list for this weekend (Fri-Sun):
* Go back through closet
* Go back through the bureau
* Install the Intuos and the CS 6 programs
* Rearrange/organize some of the furniture in the room
* Laundry- never goes away… lol
* Nap! (yeah, like I’m going to forget that one.) LOL
* Geek Monkeys to the rescue
* Have Fun!

So what do ya’ll have planned for the weekend, if the weather keeps getting hotter, I hope ya’ll stay out of the sun!
Please read: http://www.redcross.org/news/article/How-to-Stay-Safe-While-The-Heat-Is-On

*** one minute the link is here, the next it’s gone…

Take care, have a great day! Drink plenty of water! 🙂

It’s a grey and rainy morning…

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Yeah doesn’t have the same punch as “It’s a dark and stormy night.”

But it’s true. LOL Went to bed with my phone buzzing every ten to fifteen minutes with weather alerts; severe t-storms, flash floods, and oh my, even tornadoes. Yeah, that kind of made for a restful nights sleep. NOT! LOL 😛

But I finally fell completely asleep, because the alarm jolted me awake this morning. And yes, it’s grey out and raining sporadically. Not bad. But I like this type of weather. No, I never claimed to be normal, quite the opposite really. LOL

In other news, I found out that the wobbly in my car was due to a bad tire. I was afraid it was my tie rods. Not an easy fix, and kind of expensive. But yay! It was only a tire. Hubs took my car to the tire place yesterday and they gave him an amazing deal on a set of four. He was only going to replace the front two, but it turned out cheaper, to do the whole set of four. So woohoo! My car drove like a dream this morning, no wobbly, no weird noises. Other than me singing along with the radio. lol And now I’m not going to be freaking out when driving it. Oh Yeah, nothing like his prophecies of doom and gloom. “Your tire could blow and then you’d die!”, “If you turn a corner to fast, the tire could blow, and then you’d die!” See a pattern here and he was wondering why I didn’t want to get back into the “Death trap” after he told me those things. LOL I switched cars with him. Hey, he obviously wasn’t as freaked out as me after that convo.

And it’s Thursday!! One more day to the weekend. I have Saturday off. I’m on call Sunday. So Saturday I’m driving to Indy and running some errands and hope to meet up with some friends. Good stuff! I also hope to have a cook out soon! I love grilling. Yes, I love grilling. So the whole fireball at the beginning can be a little dangerous. I’ve been known to over-douse the charcoal with the fire fuel. Whoops! But it really makes people take notice! LOL 😛 And then once the whole thing is ready for the food. I’m all woot! Let’s do this! Plus clean up is a breeze. Scrape the gunk off the grill, rinse it down and viola, done! Okay, yeah summer is minimum fuss when doing food.

Speaking of minimum fuss, this new email is interesting, I’m not used to seeing my inbox with only six email’s.

Let’s have a great day! Keep calm and be awesome! Remember you got this! 😀

And what a Friday it looks to be…


The dark clouds are moving in slowly, there’s a line of them outside of my office window. I think it’s beautiful in a way. A little unknown fact about me, I Love Storms!! I do. And I can feel the energy building up inside of me. The migraine is slowly receding. So it’s looking to be a beautiful day for me.

and one small lil teeny rant; If you have ‘unlimited’ data, how can you reach a limit?? I’m not able to post on twitter, facebook or even here from my phone. waaah 😦 the wifi in the building is centralized to one location and it blocks the fun stuff, i.e. facebook and twitter. 😛

And I’m looking at my gravatar, think I need to change it… oops random thought there. lol

the calendars have all been posted, and I’m not going to password protect them. I believe we’re all adults here. If something offends you, then don’t look. Otherwise, enjoy! 🙂

till later, Have an Awesome Friday!!

Short week

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And woohoo I accomplished my goal for the holiday weekend. I did nothing! Well you know, nothing majorly important. Still did the Domestic Goddess Gig, and I tried to lay out and get sun burnt. Okay, yes, no tanning is bad for you. And getting sun burnt is very bad for you. But honestly, I just wanted to sit outside, soak up some of the heat and read peacefully.

Saturday was the day, I slathered on some sunblock, yes it was cloudly overhead, but you can actually get burnt on cloudy days. The UV A/B rays still come through the clouds. Owies!! So wear your sunscreen on cloudy days. But it was nice and warm out, grabbed a book, my ipod and headphones and some water. Had the ipod set to classical, the book was the newest by Yasmine Galenorn of the Otherworld series. And ahhhhh! It was peaceful! And I didn’t fall asleep and get burnt.

After that nice break, I went inside, and we had a mini movie marathon, Adam Sandler was the actor and we watched Grownups, Hotel Transylvania, and Little Nicky.

I think I went to bed around 1 am. And then on Sunday, it was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. Except I stayed inside as it was a little rainy, so I finished my book on the couch. And then being someone that doesn’t really do the whole relaxation thing well. I grabbed my iPad and started working on June’s photo calendars. I had planned to do four of them for various groups I belong to on Facebook. One of Joe Flanigan, Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith and then one for my secret group. The reference model I use for Briana, Alice Goodwin- you might have heard of her. She’s pretty popular with the UK ppl, she’s a model for Zoo magazine and their website. Very lovely woman.

Then I took a nap, because naps are good for you. And spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching Stargate SG:1 episodes. Research, seriously, I’m doing a story in the Stargate Universe, and I’m thorough on my research. LOL 😀

Monday, slept in. Number one priority there. I’m usually up around 4 am. An hour and a half before my alarm goes off. I lie there and just do some meditation as the alarm starts it’s cadence. Then I start moving around. It’s nice just lying there and letting my thoughts get some focus before taking on the world. I did work on the calendars some more. I even had them finished by late afternoon. And that was even with me distracting myself. “Ooooh, I need this. No wait, maybe that.” I have the cutest arguments in my head with myself when working on creative stuff. LOL 😛 But Monday was a true do nothing day! And for once, I didn’t feel guilty about it. I’m used to doing stuff every day, and yesterday I didn’t do anything but what I wanted. I actually ran out of time doing nothing. LOL I was just starting to work on re-editing my outline for the story I’m working on, and noticed it was time for bed. Yeah, that 4 am comes awfully early. And I’m on days this week, so I needed some sleep. oooh forgot, I also posted some stuff on my deviant art page. I was finally able to get the iPad and the site to work together for a change. LOL

All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend, no real drama, no whiny stuff. Just quiet and peaceful. Well for me, it was quiet and peaceful. LOL Hubs was busy doing yard stuff, and work stuff himself. And he had drama. But I’m keeping my mouth shut, and not saying those four little words (I told you so.). Because honestly, I feel bad that what happened happened. But sometimes people have to experience things on their own. No matter how much you want to protect them from the same painfulness you might have had when you went through something similar. ~le sigh~

I hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend.
For those that watch the greatest spectacle in Racing, hope it was good! I know that Brazil’s Tony Kanaan won. And you know you watch a lot of Science Fiction when the name reminds you of a character in one of the shows. LOL Congratulations to him!!

Have a beautiful day! Stay safe!
And for those in Indiana, I love this website for my weather!
Paul Poteet I watch his video every morning. And if you’re on Facebook, he’s there too! Giving his updates. Check Paul out. (No, I’m not a sponsor lol)

Row, row, row your car…


And the weather hit last night, the storm and the torrential downpour has caused flooding in the area. I got up, and thank goodness decided to head into work early.

Took my usual route, which had some standing water, nothing I couldn’t handle. It was when I hit the city proper of Marion, that oops. The road I normally travel on for work, was closed. Very high water, flooded the streets. So I turned around and decided to take a secondary road. And that one was closed as well. So was the third and fourth alternatives. I finally traveled up to the main thoroughfair and did fine. And I noticed the police sitting at closed roads. Whooo the one I used to use all the time was open, and while there was standing water, nothing that I couldn’t handle. Got to work about on time. For me, I like to be at least half an hour early, hang out in the car, and prepare myself for the day. Today it was twenty minutes early so still pretty good. And bonus, one of the staff brought in donuts. Woot! 😀

anywho, I have an appointment downtown during my lunch hour for my licensing application, and I can not be late. I’ve already talked with some of the staff and have an alternate route planned out, and I should still get there on time.

Please be careful if you live in any of the states that have been hit with these storms. Flash floods are not fun! Flooded roads also not fun! Use your common sense, drive accordingly and plan on using alternate routes. Oh yeah, leave early. I am so glad I left earlier than usual.

Have an awesome Friday!! 😀

Wait five minutes…

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Very popular saying here in Indiana, in reference to our weather. “Don’t like it, wait five minutes.”

And whoa, that is so true some days. Woke up this morning, and while it wasn’t all that, it was nice. Then a bit later in the morning the wind started picking up. Went to lunch and it was okay. Come back in to my office and shut off my lights, yeah still have a migraine. OI! But then it started to get really dark, and when I look up again it’s a torrential downpour outside my window. So yeah, wait five minutes.

Be careful out there, we’re still under weather alerts!

2nd winter

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The title comes from a pic I saw in my newsfeed earlier this morning. From the Hobbits. 😀

Okay, so this winter storm watch was accurate. I really didn’t expect this much snow. And you get your car stuck once… Hubs drove me in to work this morning. And I’m quite happy he did. Even roads that were ‘plowed’ (half-hazardly) people and us were sliding. ugh.

We were talking in the car, well he was talking, I was listening and waking up, hadn’t had my third cup of coffee yet. lol

He was telling me about a scam that he’s seen at work, a few elderly customers have been coming in and asking for gift cards that can be used anywhere with a high dollar amount placed on them. His curiosity made him ask what they were for. The customers told him both at separate times, that they had won the publisher’s clearing house and that they had to send the money to get their money. Thank goodness he knows enough about scams. He informed them that in good conscience that he could not sell them the gift cards, and that they need to take the letters to the police. They, the customers said that the people have called them too. He suggested that they have the police look into that as well.
***I’ll keep ya’ll updated with what I hear. But yeah, definite scam going on, and they are using the Publisher’s Clearing house name to con people. Be AWARE!!

I’ll add in a pic to this after it’s published, so you can see the drive in this morning. 😉 Again, I can’t believe how much snow has been deposited, and it’s still snowing out. I’m watching it come down while sitting in my nice heated office. LOL 😀

ya’ll take care, be careful!!

Adding in the hobbit pix.


closer to the weekend


WooHooo! It’s almost time to party! and by party I mean have coffee after 7p. LOL 😛
Yeah, I’m one of those responsible peeps. Now then, if someone would like to invite me to a get together, I’d love to! 😀 lol

And Mother Nature is changing her tune already, according to Paul Poteet If you live in Indiana, he really is the meteorologist to follow!

I got a ride in to work this morning, so hard to not be a side seat navigator. Honestly!! Uh, just a tad of a control freak. I admit it! 🙂 But we did get me to work, with no problems, and I was still early. I can’t just get to work ‘on-time.’ I have to be at least, at least thirty minutes early. Time to set my PMA for the day, review documentation, get coffee, be socialable with the night shift staff. You know, all those important things.

And last night, I did veg, but… I also gave in to my secret obsession. Oooooh! What is it you ask, well it wouldn’t be a secret if I told. LOL 😛

So tonight, I’ll probably be working on doing some St Patrick’s day stuff. Why yes, I am Irish.

I hope ya’ll are staying safe, and warm! If you are over 30, please be careful while shoveling outside. Seriously… take breaks, hydrate, and stay warm! Travel slower, those roads look clear, but are they? I’ve hit a few patches of black ice in my time, so not fun!!

Up and at ’em! It’s Thursday!

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And tomorrow is Friday! woohoo! 😀

Welcome to Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for my friends, the heat in my office, the nice brisk morning, and all the readers of my little bloggie. Awwww! {{{HUGS}}}

I’ve been bugging my online friends with lots and lots of wacky questions, and most of them have been answered. YAY! Now the one about the letter I need written…hm? LOL 😛

Anywho it truly is a beautiful winter morning, it’s been snowing again, so when I walked out the door this morning-it was pretty. Slick, but still pretty. I managed to stay on my feet and not slide across the porch and down the steps. Always a good start to the day! When the cold air hit me as I came out from the shelter of the house, again, Brrr! But woke me right up!! I love cold weather, not necessarily Artic frigid temps, but the cold makes me feel alive! Summer has it’s beauty as well, but I’m a cold weather girlie! Just keep the ice out from under my feet. LOL 😀

I’m itching to do something creative, write, paint, something….so maybe, just maybe I can do a little writing today in between appointments. If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll see what I can doodle or use an app on the phone for some creativity. Yeah, cold weather for me, has a lot of benefits; creative muse is active, not as many Fibro flare-ups, migraines- ah, that’s an iffy. I get those no matter the season. Flu is finally going away and I’m feeling feisty. So smart assness has returned, always a good sign-I lose my sense of humor, I’m in trouble.

So then…I’m off to go check/read email’s, goof on facebook, and see what’s going on for the day. Ya’ll have a beautiful day! Stay warm, stay hydrated, and stay Awesome! Always stay Awesome!!


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