Woot! Wednesday!

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And Happy Hump Day to you!

My boss bought our lunch today, perk day. I received my cute little certificate thingie that I’ve been here for three years. As of today, it’s been three years and two months. But hey, still good!! 🙂

It’s still cold here, but not arctic chills like yesterday. I still have my coat and gloves, and I’m thinking some ear muffs would be good too.

And I’ve hit a wall…nothing really to vent about, nothing that I’ve got to share at the mo. I have started an interesting little series, okay, I started it back in October, and I still have to find the notebook, but when I do, I’ll be typing it up and putting it on the blog.

and wow! Seriously, my mind is a blank…cool, I finally get it. LOL Meditation, can’t make my mind quiet, and writing this now, it’s a total blank. lol :p

anywho, ya’ll have a great day! Stay warm, stay hydrated and stay Awesome!! 😀

Tu Tu Tuesday! :)

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I walked out the front door this morning to snow on my porch. YAY! 😀 It was beautiful! Looking out my office window, I can still see snow on the houses across from our building. Yes, I am still a kid at times (like 95%).

And now for something interesting- it takes a lot to offend me. And with that being said, I heard a Holiday song this morning on the radio that did just that. It was truly offensive! It was supposed to be an inclusive song for all religions, but honestly…it failed in a big way! If you don’t want to say Merry Christmas, fine. I say it to those of my friends that celebrate in that faith. I tend to say Happy Holly Days! And it cracks me up how many people that offends. Honestly, at the very least, I’m acknowledging it is the season. So take it in the spirit it’s given, I mean it! Happy Days! No matter what your religious beliefs are.

I used to say Merry Chrismahanukwanzaa – okay I know there is an actual spelling to that word, I have totally missed it. But it’s still a nice thought. And that’s offended people too.

To quote the Eagles, “Get over it!” http://youtu.be/1H-Y7MAASkgI’d much rather have happy people in a good spirit, then the cranky people. Truly I don’t think it matters what you believe, how you celebrate or any of that stuff. My main principle this time of the year, and it is fairly Christian, “Do unto others….” stop being so annoying and thinking of yourself. This time of year is for others, IMO.

so…a little deep for a Tuesday morning. I’ll post some fluff or eyecandy later in the day, because I know, I’ll need it by then.

As always, have a lovely day! Enjoy what you have, and give of yourself to others. Even if it’s nothing more than a smile, you never know how that will effect someone. Trust me! 😀
Hugs & Peace

Happy Monday!

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Sorry no posts this weekend, I did get busy with stuff around the house, and yeah…no time.

It’s lovely and brisk here in Central Indiana. I have been reading reports of possible snow showers, um YAY! 😀 I like snow. If it’s going to be cold, let’s have some snow too. Right, I’m wierd, like duh. lol

other than so far it’s a lovely morning, on days this week. Lots of stuff/errands I have to do while at lunch, but otherwise. Woohoo! Days!!

so till later, stay warm, and have an amazing day! 😀

Happy Hump Day!—- um oops! *Updated!*

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And it’s Wednesday! woot!— LOL Uh just realized yesterday was Thursday…oh my!

For those that missed it, the drive in to work was beautiful this morning. The full moon visible through the clouds. And it’s also almost December! Who’s getting excited? 😀

I love the Winter season. Boo to those that are throwing paper wads at me. lol Winter is so lovely, brisk weather that just begs you to go for a walk. And the hot chocolate at the end of that walk is just mmmm good. I still think we need some snow (dunking out of the way of paper wads), it’s just to pretty.

We still haven’t located the solstice tree. waah 😦 so this weekend if anything I’m getting a small tree. It’s just never seemed right to me, not to at least have a tree on my altar. The reindeer have been located. The annoying singing tree has been located. NO! One song was good enough, the next bazillion times, not so good! I’m not a violent person, but NO on the singing tree! lol :p

For those that aren’t in the know, December 1st is the World Aids Day, follow the link. Quoted from the site: World AIDS Day is held on 1 December each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. World AIDS Day was the first ever global health day and the first one was held in 1988.
As someone that has lost a few friends to this disease, I will be wearing my red ribbon on Saturday- what about you?

Have a lovely Wednesday, if you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours. (Bonus points if you leave the name of the movie that was quoted from in the comments!) 😀

Links aren’t working??? http://www.worldaidsday.org/about-world-aids-day.php copy/paste!


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bleh…not a bad day, I worked day shift, I was productive. So that’s all good.

And omg, when is the first freeze due? I have been getting a headache every day. It doesn’t feel like a sinus headache, but it’s aggravating and annoying. Today, I came home to take a nap. And it took the edge off…but it’s still here. ugh 😦

And the fibro is picking up, so hopefully that means that the change of seasons is close. Always seems to get worse right between the two big seasons. From Summer to Fall, and from Winter to Spring. I just know that’s when I get more flare up’s of pain. 😦 I love the change of seasons, really! I always have, and Fall has always been my favorite season, watching the change in nature. 🙂

other than that, I’ve been writing with my co-writer, and I really love that! And bugging him that we need to go back to the original ‘chapters’ and move them along as we planned, as well as I need to go into the other wip’s and see what needs to be completed. WE have close to twenty or more stories in stages…ack! LOL
for a type A personality like me, that’s like um….O M G !

so time to go write. Later, take care!

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