And day two of being thankful! 😀 I’m thankful for all of my friends! Honestly, I have way to many to list… but one that always stands out and is a frequent commentator here is Skeen! Yes! You are one of my friends that I am truly thankful for! You always have something interesting, amusing or educational for me. I love that!

There are a lot more of my friends that I’m thankful for, off the top of my head; Ken aka Pinky, David aka Lil Bro, Steve aka Blue Stevey, Bunneh, Malin, Mark, Sandy, Tari, Lisa, Helly, Angel aka Alicia, Horty, and so many many more… ya’ll were just in my brain! LOL 😀

Most people would say, family next… well… I am thankful for my family. However… I am saving them for a special day or two. 😀


oh ps… the nano bug will not let me go. LOL so I’m working on a wip aka work in progress.

And I’m back on the twitter! I’m only following positive ppl and/or my fave celebrities. LOL 😀