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some vacation… first I had my surgical procedure and the day before my house flooded. That was not fun!! I wasn’t able to go to work as due to the stress, I started having chest pain and ended up in the ER waiting till my procedure. At least, I was early. 😉 have to think positively.

then I had all these restrictions, I wasn’t allowed to pick up JiJi he was over the weight limit. I wasn’t able to do this or that or anything really! ugh 😦 And then I ended up having to take Patrick in to the ER and found out not only does he have strep but a severe sinus infection. UGH! And then… yes, I had my follow-up, incision site is fine, no strep, but since my immune system was compromised I have a nasty bug. 😦 I received a ‘booster’ shot, HA! and more meds. OMG I think I’m up to 40 meds a day now. So really my vacation was not a vacation but more of a recovery period. I ended up calling in sick last night due to the stomach bug, the doc said I needed to rest! HA!

I made it in to work tonight and into chaos. The best way to describe it! Really!

I’m really looking forward to quitting time now! This is the first chance I’ve had to post the IOTD and let ya’ll know what’s been happening.

Anywho, that’s me and Patrick. I hope ya’ll have had a much better holiday season!

and omg who changed up the WordPress site? I’m not liking this new change at the moment. I wish we had the ability to use the old way and not this new crapola! Am I the only one that dislikes it?


IOTD-Special Edition

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Saturday errands


So on Saturday I had to run to Indy – lots of stuff to do.
The ring I had taken back to get fixed was in, the order I placed was in-which was odd, it was supposed to be mailed to me. However they decided to ship it to my ‘favorite’ location and save me the shipping. Awesome! Then a few other items had come in at a store in Carmel.

And so I had gotten up early to get an early start as I had to have the car back in time for Hubs to go to work.

I found a really good parking spot right up near the first store I needed to go. Went into Macy’s and oops! That item is in the locked vault, and the person with the code is not here today, they might be back before Christmas…. *Facepalm* But then I found a few little items on super sale!!

Next store, Swarovski, and the ring I had brought in was NOT the ring they tried to give me. The bad news is that it’s hub’s ring, I was getting it fixed to surprise him for Christmas…. um oops! Anywho the manager is a friend and she decided to do what she does best and fixed it. Problem- I won’t have it in time for Christmas, good news I should have by the end of the week. So yeah, that works.

And then I decided to walk around the mall and just window shop. H U G E mistake in hindsight.
I walk into a fairly nice store (Nope not saying where) and I lean my cane against the counter to get a closer look at what’s in the display. When someone walks up slightly behind me and starts to grab my cane. *I don’t use a cane for looks, I rely on this cane. So as they grab the handle, my hand comes down and grabs their wrist, in effect stopping them from moving. And that’s when all chaos broke out. She (thief) started screaming bloody murder that I was stealing ‘her’ cane, and her little grand kids started yelling at me too. They called store security and when I showed my id’s and they checked the camera they decided I was telling the truth. Then they asked me to let her go, and she could leave. UH HELL NO! She just tried to pinch my cane. I wanted ‘real’ security and not a mall cop. So! After a bit, the real police showed up and took my statement, meanwhile- they were emptying this person’s over-sized purse and OMG! Guess what they found? Over $5000. in merchandise inside, from various stores in the mall. And in the little kids clothes and the one’s diaper- more merchandise as well.
So the store manager apologized to me, for all the mean and rude things he and his salesclerk had said about me. This person was African American-so naturally as a white woman, I was being racist! OMG *FacePALM*
She was the one in the wrong-breaking the law, I didn’t care what color she was, she was in the wrong. And then She was using little kids as her accomplices. So natch when CWS came to pick them up. I was in the wrong… oi!
Bottom line of the story, I stopped a shoplifter who had taken a lot of merchandise throughout the mall, and she had been using little kids as her unwitting accomplices. And yet, I was made to feel like it was all my fault, people calling me a racist because she was African American and I’m white. Really? Honestly, I did my civic duty and stopped a crime. It didn’t matter to me what color she was or that it’s Christmas- yes a few people said I should’ve dropped it in the spirit of Christmas. What part of Christmas allows one to steal, I’m sorry I must’ve missed that in my reading of the Holiday.

Oh yeah, word of advice and this store I will post the name to, as you should be aware of their practices; Whole Foods. I placed an order a month ago, and received the phone call that my order was in. So while in Indy I decided to drive over and pick it up, and calm down from all the earlier excitement. However when I got there, they told me that “Well since we got a huge shipment we just put it all out on the shelf.” Okay??? This item sells fast, which is why I placed an order to have it held! So instead of getting the full order I placed, I bought two of the items, and when the girl looked at me funny, “You didn’t hold my order, so why should I buy anymore than I have to.” Honestly, I was still upset from earlier and this hit me the wrong way. If you place an order for a set amount, don’t you expect to have that order waiting for you, and not have it all placed back on the shelf? And then the sales clerk called me a bitch. Uh Yeah! That set me off again, and if these items weren’t a Christmas present, I would’ve walked out of the store. As it was, I had the manager called. Once again, it was considered my fault, as I didn’t get all I had ordered, and when I tried to explain to him patiently, that it was his clerk’s fault for putting my order on the shelf, I wasn’t buying the full amount anymore, because obviously, my order/money isn’t that important. So yeah, she got away with calling a paying customer a bitch! Yes, I did halve my purchase and only bought the minimum I needed for my friend’s Christmas present. I couldn’t leave without something for her. This was the only thing she wanted, and unfortunately, this is the only place in Indy to get it. I’m checking later for a website that carries something similar. OI!

I stopped at Starbucks and got me a Venti something or other, and started the drive back home. I set the cruise for the speed limit and listened to people honk at me, and pass me by. Seriously, I was doing the speed limit and whatever! I took a detour on the way home and ended up on a nice drive which calmed me down considerably. Not everything went the way it could, but it could have been much worse. When I got home and Hubs had left for work, then my phone rang and it was a clerk at Macy’s that informed me that she could open the locked cabinet and that she would be there on Sunday. So yeah, another drive down on Sunday, and I was able to get my niece’s present, and a few other little gifts. They gave me a ‘perks’ coupon for the inconvenience. And this time, I only shopped in Macy’s. Within an hour, everything was good to go, and I left.

Sunday went much smoother, I just stayed in the one store. No more drama.
I’ve said it before, but this time of year seems to bring out the worst in people. So much for goodwill and blah blah blah.

Anywho…I hope ya’ll are having a joyous time of year, with a lack of drama!
Happy Holidays!

…help for overwhelmed parents/friends/family members…


I’m all for helping family out. If they need a place to stay, help them get back on their feet, etc.

However, if they are not helping take care of the house, or even trying to help pay the bills. It’s time to push them out of the nest!

I hear from friends that ‘so and so’ is here. They have been eating me out of house and home. They don’t clean or pick up after themselves. And now, they got arrested for this or that, and want me to help pay for their probation, court, classes, etc.

UH NO! Time to practice “Tough LOVE” time to show them where the local shelter is. Show them to Unemployment services, that if a person needs it, Vocational Rehabilitation is now in the same building.

There is being a nice, caring, compassinate person, and being a doormat! Stop being a doormate! You really are not helping this person out. You are rewarding them for thier bad behavior. As I’ve been told, love the person, hate the behavior. So if you want that behavior to change, then you need to show them the negative consequences of their behavior.

Otherwise…next thing you know…you’ll be wondering how you ended up homeless, owing money you don’t remember getting, and multiple health issues from the stress.

People. Please take care of yourselves first, you can’t help anyone if you are sick.

thank you for listening, hopefully this helps someone. You aren’t a bad person, for sending your friends and family to the correct resources to help them. It’s not your fault that they are in the jam they find themselves in. Offer what you can! Not what you can’t!

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