Sarcasm is on full power! Do not poke the redhead.

yeah, it started out such a nice day too. Then between news, facebook and face to face contacts…I’ve had an overload of stupidity. Misogynistic, hate filled, pray the gay out of my child, 19 year old that beats and robs a 95 year old-and they are trying to determine if charges will be filed?, pole dancing as an olympic sport?

I mean wth?? What is wrong with people these days? I know, common sense has gone the way of the Dodo. And obviously if you are a smart, thinking person, you have a super power! People that read are considered atheists. Nothing wrong with Atheism, hell I agree with some of their view points. Separation of church/state, etc.

But…seriously! I’m losing faith in America…someone point out to me some good human interest stories! Stat!

I truly hope some of you are having a great day! send me some positive vibes, I definitely need some, and thank you in advance!