Okay, yes, I’m a girlie girl! Love doing the nails, playing with makeup! Getting a new dress!! You know, the whole nine yards.

so up first; Michelle’s Valentine Nails.
“Gambling on Love” yeah, yeah, that’s cheesy. Okay come up with a better name for the design I came up with. 😀

And then I went to Ulta! I’ve been wanting to find out what the ‘big deal’ with Ulta is? Well, oh Boy! Did I ever! Got the hair colored, very reasonable pricing!!! (about 10 lattes at Starbucks), and then OMG!! I’m still going to shop Sephora, but omg! I found the cutest Urban Decay eyeshadow kit, and it was under $30!! For the girlies in the know, that is an amazing deal.

two pix; closed and open with the amazing color palette!! love the names. Next time, I’ll be getting the eyeliner, Kitten. lol 🙂

Seriously, love the names that are given to cosmetic colors: from the top left -> right, and from top -> bottom: Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch, Underground.

Picture of the dress maybe tomorrow.
I have plans to be a good girlie, and go through my closet. I found a friend at work, that really wants the clothes. Some I donated to charity. But some…I’d rather give to a good friend. And I think she fits the bill. 🙂

As I mentioned, I got the hair colored as well. But I’m waiting on a pic for that, until the day of. 🙂

**** I’d also like to thank the new followers, and those that have liked the posts.
I hope to update another one of my artistic/creative friends. And hope to have another guest blogger soon…

ps-if anyone has any cute lil pom pix, they would love to share! I’d love to have!! lol
these are the cutest little puppies!! awww!!

and now back to Bone’s on Hulu.com