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May 2nd is International Wiccan Day? It’s time to come out of the Broom closet. LOL 😛
Update: It’s also International Siblings Day! Hugs to my fellow two monsters!

However, while I am out, I still watch to whom I talk with, in person. I’ve had some pretty horrible stuff happen to me, and I really do not want any repeats. Overall, it’s not been that bad, the good has definitely outweighed the bad. )O( Blessed Be!!

And now for the rest of the story from my facebook post yest. I got upset when I heard something, and naturally….I posted it there first… oops! A little bit of drama, that is usually not me. But damn, I needed an outlet.

The 411; I was told I’m a bitch, a snob and I’m responsible for someone’s problems.

let’s break this down shall we, and then the matter is dropped.

Bitch; Uh yeah, B-abe I-n T-otal C-ontrol of H-erself. that’s me! And I am a bitch because I’m opinionated, stand up for myself and others. That is never going to change. And calling me a bitch, oooh. So doesn’t hurt! Bring it!

Snob; Because I use big words! No seriously! I’m a snob because I’m educated. Okie dokies. This has never bothered me either, I’ve been called a snob since I was a child. Most people don’t know or don’t believe I’m a shy person. Yeah, I know! But I am, until I get to know someone, I’m quiet and reserved. The whole, I use big words, omg. That floors me. And in conjunction I’m also a know it all. LOL NO really? I consider myself an adult Hermione Granger, so that’s cool! I’ll take being called a snob too!

But the thing that floored me the most, was the amount of ‘power’ this person is giving me, I’m responsible for all their problems! Dude! Seriously? WOW! You have issues. And I’m only responsible for my issues. You are responsible for what you think, say, do and feel. Leave me out of this equation!!

Now then, I will forgive this person, cause obviously they don’t realise the awesomeness that I am. LOL 😛 However, I will NOT forget. Next time this person requires my assistance (oooh big word lol) I will be busy! Yeah, I don’t care what it is, “No, I’m busy.” No sorry, no excuses, just no.

I can put up with a lot of nonsense, I do on a daily basis. Usually that’s my own nonsense. But this came out of left field on me. I don’t understand why and honestly at this point, I really don’t care. My happiness does NOT depend on this person. It depends on me.

Okay Matter is now closed! I will still take hugs, virtual flowers, kitties. Send Kavan or Joe pix to me- of course I always want those! LOL

Remember, YOU are responsible for your own happiness, what you say, do and how you feel. Don’t give someone ‘power’ over you. Because there are those that would exploit that!

and it’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Blue skies, sunshiny, and it’s already 70 degrees. Simply beautiful!! Have a Beautiful day and don’t forget to be Awesome! You have the ability to do so!!



While playing on my phone at lunch, reading what’s new on facebook. I have come to the realization that some groups (people) have NO sense of humor. I mean for crying out loud. Some things are funny. Yes, okay, they might seem a little off key, but to go off on the person that posted it, get over yourself. So you’re offended, at what? The picture was truly innocuous. Do what I do, blog about it, problem solved. You got it off your chest, and if you look like an idiot, well…giggle at yourself later. I do! 🙂

anywho…I’m trying to share the love today, and some other people are making it difficult…again on the facebook. but you know what? Screw them! They can unfriend me (waaaah…), or they can ignore me for the day. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I’m a Smartass! I don’t intend to harm anyone, and I will apologize if someone really really takes a true hit from it. But really…smartasses make the day a lot brighter. Without us, there would be far more ppl punched in the face. Think about it, sarcasm or bodily injury?? I vote for sarcasm, it’s free- no legal fees attached. Just watch where you use it, and to whom. Boss, supervisor, yeah! not a good idea, unless you have that other awesome job lined up.

stop hating on the smartasses, and for crying out loud, please get a sense of humor! not my readers, ya’ll wouldn’t be here if ya didn’t love the awesomeness that is moi! LOL HUGS

Tu Tu Tuesday! :)

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I walked out the front door this morning to snow on my porch. YAY! 😀 It was beautiful! Looking out my office window, I can still see snow on the houses across from our building. Yes, I am still a kid at times (like 95%).

And now for something interesting- it takes a lot to offend me. And with that being said, I heard a Holiday song this morning on the radio that did just that. It was truly offensive! It was supposed to be an inclusive song for all religions, but honestly…it failed in a big way! If you don’t want to say Merry Christmas, fine. I say it to those of my friends that celebrate in that faith. I tend to say Happy Holly Days! And it cracks me up how many people that offends. Honestly, at the very least, I’m acknowledging it is the season. So take it in the spirit it’s given, I mean it! Happy Days! No matter what your religious beliefs are.

I used to say Merry Chrismahanukwanzaa – okay I know there is an actual spelling to that word, I have totally missed it. But it’s still a nice thought. And that’s offended people too.

To quote the Eagles, “Get over it!” http://youtu.be/1H-Y7MAASkgI’d much rather have happy people in a good spirit, then the cranky people. Truly I don’t think it matters what you believe, how you celebrate or any of that stuff. My main principle this time of the year, and it is fairly Christian, “Do unto others….” stop being so annoying and thinking of yourself. This time of year is for others, IMO.

so…a little deep for a Tuesday morning. I’ll post some fluff or eyecandy later in the day, because I know, I’ll need it by then.

As always, have a lovely day! Enjoy what you have, and give of yourself to others. Even if it’s nothing more than a smile, you never know how that will effect someone. Trust me! 😀
Hugs & Peace

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