Happy Caturday with Alex!

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Plot Bunny Battle

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So I am out of the internet at home and I’m busy at work, so not a lot of time to check the status of who’s winning the battle. But I did sneak a peek, Wonder Woman is technically not a plot bunny. So you have until the end of my shift today to vote. That is 1900 aka 7pm CST! Go vote!!

Your bunnies need you!



Plot Bunnies battle for control of the keyboard lol

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For our Anniversary hubs gifted me with this adorable lil Funko Plot Bunny aka Snowball from the movie
The Secret Life of Pets



And then this past week he informed me to keep an eye out for a package at work. Inside was this Evil plot bunny. He said, “You always say an Evil Plot Bunny has attacked you, so I had to get you one of them too!” He’s hilarious and this one is also a Pop Funko Insane Snowball I love his little facial expression.


and naturally my mind went into silly mode and ta*da we now have a battle of the keyboard!

at first, I had a different Wondie referee but hubs claimed it had to be a Funko to be official.
He cracks me up. 😀

So we have the battle of the plot bunnies on the keyboard being refereed by Wonder Woman!

battle for the Keyboard

Vote for your choice!! The Winner will pose with his Funko award when votes are tallied.


la la laaaaa I’m being creative ;)


I’ve been working on some new Alexandria Art for June!

A few of my friends from Deviant Art knows what that means. Right? LOL 😀

and I’ve been slowly working on the revision to the story, as soon as I get a free minute….BLAM! something happens and I have to leave it again. omg! 😦

This weekend, other than the Rewind-which that post is scheduled to go ‘live‘ on Friday, I’m revising. “NO! Down you lil plot bun! NO!” yep, they are trying to highjack me, awww soo cute lil bun buns.

421d9d76256d8ecd26092cdc18098602see really cute, right?

Ack! the dreaded writer’s block…

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Ok I’m up to chapter nine on the sequel.

I’ve tried changing up my writing style- so NOT working for me. I do a lot of dialogue, and then go back and add in the details. I’ve tried to do it normally I’m stifling myself.
So back to my style! Woot.
I took a nice walk at lunch, had some coffee, and viola after I stopped fighting my natural style, the words are flowing again. That’s what I love about writing, and even more on a computer. I can write my dialogue, and then go back and add in the little details.
for those of you that write, do you have a peculiar writing style, my friend’s have told me I have a peculiar style. Some people focus on the big picture, others on the minute details. Me, I like the dialogue. I’m learning to stick to what works for me and not stifle my creativity. What works for one, doesn’t work for everyone. I’m definitely not like everyone else. LOL 😀
I’ll be moving onto Chapter ten next, dialogue and then adding in the detail bit.

Woohoo! and that writer’s block is gone! I can see the light and hear my bunnies! lol 🙂


How do you tame your ‘wild’ plot bunnies?

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I’m working on my story when my usual plot bunny types hop up on my desk! “HI! Play wit me! C’mon! You know you want too!” and then I swear I can see their little noses twitching.

I’ve spoken to a few other writer friends, and 3 out 4 of us, well we want more coffee! Duh! [_]>  😉

and the fourth, “listen to the bunny.” yeah she’s really helpful! LOL

Could you ignore this cutey??


so… after another email to my lovely beta! I’ve decided to listen to the bunny, and I’m writing an interlude; daydream lol now whether this makes it to the plot bunny site… well that’s on ya’ll. LOL leave comments, if you want to read it, and I’m slightly easy, I won’t ever say I’m easy. LOL 😛 So more than three comments, it will be published after I’ve written it, and Ms. Awesome proofs it!!

silly but motivational

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So yes, as you’ve seen, I have the NANOWriMo widget in my sidebar. And I am loving watching that little red bar go sideways! 😀

As I’ve mentioned on the NaNo website, this isn’t to be published, this is the kick in the pants that I need to actually complete this story. It has spawned numerous little plot bunnies and right now. They are all behaving themselves and playing nicely with me. I’m a little scared, but also excited.

For those that don’t know; Plot bunnies- An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written. Or from the wikiwrimo.  That’s why Truffles was a present from Hubs last year. Like I said yesterday, the spikes are to gather ideas and then zap me with them. LOL I forgot to bring her along today, but I have this cute little pic of her to inspire me.


Truffles the productive plot bunny!

😀 LOL I’m soo silly, but from my other friends that are writers, I’ve heard that they too have odd little things; a special coffee mug only to be used in writing endeavors, a pair of boxers that have bunnies on them (yes! I have seen pix of said boxers), a hat that can hold soda cans, and people think I’m weird? LOL 😀

Anywho, if you write or do another type of creative endeavor, do you also have something or some things, that inspire you to be just a bit more creative? I know I’m not the only one. But I am curious. Yes, I’m curious about a lot of things. Makes life more interesting, and conversations have a different type of depth to them.

Anywho…back to coffee and writing. Yes, in between actual workie stuff. 🙂


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