62 Politicians Boycotting Donald Trump’s Inauguration – and Why

And good for them!!! 

and this representative would have my Vote if I lived in California! 🙂

Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.)

Cardenas is skipping the inauguration and attending the Women’s March on Washington with his family instead, he announced on Facebook.

It’s very nice to find out that the representatives are NOT attending this farce of an illegitimate president. Yeah, no, I’m not capitalizing this with him and I’ll never refer to him as my president.  One of the representatives asked on Twitter (gotta love it) of her constituents if she should attend or not and she received a resounding NO!

oh yeah, I’ve always said I’m not a political blog, but I can’t stand idly by or quiet with this racist, misogynistic, moron that will maybe in charge of our country. I say maybe, because after all the information that has come out about Russia’s interference in our election, honestly, I call him Putin’s Puppet.  And there are other sources that have confirmed that this is not fake news! Educate yourself, people, the first rule of fascism is to control the news, make people ignorant and scared, so that they have to trust what is given to them! Don’t be that person! I’ve got news alerts now from CNN and BBC! Facebook is a jumping off point, but please don’t spread the hype or propaganda! Check and verify sources, you’re already online if you’re on your facebook page. Snopes dot com, truth or fiction dot com, and others. Or ask a friend to double check for you. 😉

So later tonight I’ll be updating the blog header in protest of tomorrow’s farce!

and I’m trying to find or I’ll make a header for Saturday’s Womens March!

Also FYI there are sister marches across the US in case you can’t get to or be in DC like me. In Indiana, there are two that I know of; Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

Here’s the link to find out where you can march in your area!

and Sweet, while on the site I’ve seen that this protest has gone global!

and I’m borrowing that image to use as my header for Saturday! 😉

remember together we’re stronger! 😀