Before sunrise on the mornings of September 9 and 10, 2015, use the waning crescent moon to locate the planets Venus and Mars. Dazzling Venus is the most brilliant starlike object in all the heavens, ranking in brilliance only after the sun and moon. So it’ll be hard to miss Venus near the moon in the east for the next several days.
Mars is fainter, but Venus and the moon – and a very optimum sky, and possibly a pair of binoculars – should help you spot it.
By the morning of September 11, the moon will be near the star Regulus – brightest star in the constellation Leo the Lion – as it slides downward toward the sunrise point on the horizon.
And Jupiter? It’s shown on our chart, at top. But Jupiter is very near the sunrise, and you’ll need exceptional sky conditions to spot it this week. Keep watching, and Jupiter should come into view by about the middle of September.
Thank you, Skeen! I appreciate this information and I hope others do as well!
xoxo ❤ 😉