As I mentioned on Wednesday during the night, the Muncie Animal Shelter was having Dollar Adoption day!

There were a few snags in the morning, between what was reported online and actual information!

It was reported that they would be open at 0800, wrong! Thank Goodness we had to run a few errands in Muncie first and then went to the shelter. We still had to wait until 1000 when they finally opened! By the time they opened their doors to the public, there were over a hundred ppl waiting in line! NO joke!

Then, OOPS! We’re informed kittens aren’t part of the 1.00 adoption deal, puppies ARE!! Discrimination or they realize Cats rule and Dogs drool? LOL 😀

Anywho by the time we got back to the Cat and Kittens area, I plopped down on the floor, literally! and started to look at all the kittens, when this pretty little black kitten came over, meowed at me and grabbed my finger through the bars. That was all it took! Patrick went, “Awww!” and he said, “we’ll take her, we’ll pay the extra, no worries.” So then we got her card and it was time to go and fill out the abbreviated application form with the clerk. I pulled out my Veterans ID card cause I was having issues with my Driver’s license, when they saw the Veteran’s card they noticed my scar. Honestly, it’s hard not to notice it! Then the clerk went to go speak to someone and we were able to adopt our kitten for the dollar!! Veteran’s discount of 64.00! woohoo! Yeah, because we only brought so much cash and it was not going to be enough. But Patrick went to go help some people with their puppies and I went to go get our kitty and place her in our pet carrier. The shelter was very grateful we brought our own pet-carrier! When the shelter person opened the kitten’s door, little kitty came right out and into my hands. Kitty choose me and I accepted! Oh, it was at this time, I found out she is a female kitten! Um oops! and she is not spayed yet, she is not old enough and is underweight-but no worries. We take her back in the second week of December, they will then give her her booster shots and weigh her, if she weighs enough, they will spay her then! Why the kittens were expensive! 😉 now it makes sense! She walked into the carrier and I ensured it was locked and secured before carrying her back out to the counter to finalize the adoption. I couldn’t call her, Muta. 😦 She didn’t look like a Muta. So when I got her out to the car and Patrick helped place her in the backseat and I sat in the backseat with her to keep her company. 😉 I informed him that she is a girl kitten. “Well, I guess you have a name for her then? Go ahead and name her.” I smiled and looked at her, “Do you like Isis?” She meowed and grabbed my fingers again. I laughed and told Patrick that her name is Isis. It took a bit to drive as he wanted to play with the kitten too. lol 🙂 I opened the door of the carrier so that she could come out and I held her and then she’d go back into the carrier. She is just as well behaved as JiJi is in the car. 😉 Patrick stopped to get us some drinks for the ride home and a snack for me, my sugar was dropping by this time, my lunch had been over eight hours prior. So Isis and I sat in the back seat and waited on Patrick. He got back in the car and played with her while I had my snack and a bit of my drink. He wanted me to drive so he could play with her. “No, that’s how you and JiJi ended up bonding. Isis and I will be bonding.” He smiled and handed her back to me and she sat in my lap. Awww! She started to purr. Yep, JiJi is more Patrick’s cat than mine and Isis it seems is more my kitty than his.

We finally made it home, slowly. And I’ve been around cats enough to know how to introduce the older kitty to the new kitty. I put the carrier down on the floor and kept the door locked to keep them separated. JiJi walked over and started sniffing, Isis came up to the front near the door and mewed. There was no hissing and no growling. So, when JiJi moved back, I opened the door and let Isis make the move. She walked out and sniffed and then started walking around. JiJi was just watching her from where he was lying down. She walked over to him, and I know Patrick and I were both holding our breath. Nothing untoward happened. They sniffed each other and then she continued to walk around. JiJi got up and started sniffing her posterior. Curious Isis was curious and she walked over to the kitty condo and started to go in and out of the bottom rooms. JiJi jumped up to the top of those rooms and was watching her. Then he started to get closer to her and they were okay. Some more sniffing and then a little bit later they started playing with each other. He was running down the hall and she just sat there. He came back and she meowed and then started chasing him. lol 😀 It sounded like a herd of elephants up and down the hallway. I was yawning by that time and Patrick said, I needed to go to bed and get some sleep. I was off work Wednesday night for the holiday, but I wanted to stay up and play with the kitties. Well, that didn’t happen, Patrick escorted me to bed, and Isis came in with JiJi and she was placed on the bed next to me. She came over and curled up with me and I started to go to sleep. Awww! She didn’t stay there, she stayed until I fell asleep and then went to find Patrick and JiJi. She found the food dish and water and then used the litter box. Isis is six weeks old. 😉 But she is already doing well in her new home.

It’s interesting to note, that she and JiJi had no issue with feeling at home in our house. From the get-go, both of them were running around like they’ve always been there.  I have a page on Facebook for JiJi and after asking a few questions the page has been renamed, JiJi and Isis for the both of them. That way all their pix are posted on that page! Imagine this, not everyone likes cat pix? I K R?!?! 🙂 Speaking of I’ve already uploaded one of her pix on here! And I’ll be sharing her first video soon. 😉

look at that little face!