Don’t ya’ll just love rumors? Yeah, that was sarcasm, for those that didn’t know. lol

so I’m hearing a rumor, that is going to be shut down. Why? Because of copyright violations.

Now then, as a copyright holder, I can see this being probable.

However, let’s shut down Tumblr, Facebook, and a slew of other online sites. Because honestly-copyright violation goes on everyday! And most people are ignorant. No being mean, but honestly-how many of the general public know, honestly what a copyright is??? I used to work for Kinko’s and believe me, I know a lot more than the average person. And then I used it for my character, to protect what intellectual property I created. So yes, I get it!! I don’t want my protected work to be shared. But…okay, on the other hand, people that I ‘follow’ on Pinterest, leave the website with the link. Some on Tumblr do the same. I don’t want it all shut down. But let’s educate the public. At the very least-give a website of the (C) Copyright holder, the website where services/goods can be purchased at.
Let’s have a TOU, terms of use on the website. I know, some have them, people agree without reading. But okay, when the (C) person comes after you, your ignorance no longer applies. You should’ve read the TOU.
see easy peasy.

And I’ve looked online to see if this ‘rumor’ is true or not. If you know where this rumor originated, please leave me a link in the comments section. I do read/reply to them. Thank you in advance.


***UPDATE Sopa/Pipa
Ahhh! NOW I know where this originated at? OMG!!!
people this is why you pay attention to politics, and go out and VOTE!!!
remember Republican’s are for this bill!!! just fyi, in case you don’t pay attention to stuff like politics. I do. And that’s it for the Political part of my blog. Until next Fall!! lol 🙂