Ok ok, this is amusing to me, it seems that some ppl want to know why I capitalize Hugs for some, and not for others-hugs.

omg! seriously, it’s mainly cause my fingers hurt and/or I’m being lazy. Esp on the phone.

no big deal ppl. Honestly. hugs Hugs or HUGS all mean the same.

now then if I give you Huggles, well that’s a bunch of hugs rolled into one.

whatever? Some ppl worry about the silliest things.
um hugs, Hugs, and huggles

and oh yeah, sorry about the lack of posts this week, between my sinuses, and the migraines-I’ve been having on a daily basis. I just have not had the focus to write. Which makes me sad. 😦

I’ll catch up on a huge post either later today, or tomorrow. It’s an Awesome Day!
Let’s do this!!