Or how to be unfriended on Facebook. So I am a social person, and I do like it a lot. However I am not on 24/7 for your needs! And pm’ing me six to eight times asking why I haven’t responded to you, is a good way to be unfriended. Another way is to compliment me multiple times, you’re so beautiful, you’re such a beautiful person and worded in other ways but beauty is the main issue. Hmmm???
And then the next personal questions; are you married? do you have kids? You’d be such a beautiful mom, I’d love you to be the mom of my kids.

Yeah… see a pattern here??? 😦

It’s awesome making nice new friends, honestly, but getting to these personal questions and the constant flattery should be a warning sign for people. Honestly! I’ve already informed this person I am married, and that I do work and I chat when I am able, not when someone thinks I should be. They appear very polite, however my tingly senses are still tingling!! And not in a good way! And ding ding ding, there are now eleven pm’s from this person. I think I shall be unfriending them by the end of the day. I’ve explained, quite politely, that when I’m working I do not PM constantly through out the day. Unless it’s a known Friend in real life, and even then, they know not to constantly say why haven’t you responded. Because duh, they know I’m working.

So… that’s my rule of how to become a pest and be unfriended very shortly. Social media is awesome, however remember not everyone has the time or wherewithal to be on it 24/7.

Now then… onto to work, and making some more virtual Christmas/Yule goodies.
I’m doing a virtual not secret Santa. The benefits to this, it’s free!! It just takes some time to post something to someone’s wall, shoot them an email, or what have you. It’s obviously not secret as duh, you can see who’s posting to your wall. But it’s also nice- for the group I run, as the people are all friends of mine, and this way they get to interact with each other. So we all become friends. 🙂 I’m a bit sneaky, but I do this with love! lol
***Oh, the one thing that wouldn’t be free, and it’s up to the individuals participating, if they are okay with exchanging addresses and sending each other a Christmas card via the postal service.

I hope ya’ll are having a lovely day! it’s crisp and cool here in Indiana, looking at my Solar app it says it’s 27 degrees here.

ps- blog on my NANO experience coming soon…