Thursday, the 23rd of October, 2014 is the 296th day in 2014 and in the 43rd calendar week.
General Events:
Mole Day 2014
October 23, 2014 in the World
Mole Day is observed on October 23, 2014. Mole Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists and chemistry students on October 23, between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM, making the date 6:02 10/23 in the American style of writing dates. The time and date are derived from Avogadro’s number, which is approximately 6.02×1023, defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in one mole of substance, one of the seven base SI units. Mole Day originated in an article in The Science Teacher in the early 1980s. Inspired by this article, Maurice Oehler, now a retired high school chemistry teacher from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, founded the National Mole Day Foundation (NMDF) on May 15, 1991. Many high schools around the United States, South Africa, Australia and in Canada celebrate Mole Day as a way to get their students interested in chemistry, with various activities often related to chemistry or moles.
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October 23, 2014 in the World
Diwali is perhaps the most well-known of the Hindu festivals. Diwali also known as Deepavali and the “festival of lights”, is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year.
The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair, although the actual legends that go with the festival are different in different parts of India. The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five day period, but the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika. In the Gregorian calendar, Diwali night falls between mid-October and mid-November.
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National TV Talk Show Host Day
October 23, 2014 in the USA
TV Talk Show Host Day takes place on October 23, 2014. It is celebrated on the birth date of the talk show host Johnny Carson. He was an American television host, known for thirty years as host of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. A talk show host is a person who introduces or hosts talk shows.
A talk show is a television programming or radio programming genre in which one person or a group of people discusses various topics put forth by a talk show host. Usually, guests consist of a group of people who are learned or who have great experience in relation to whatever issue is being discussed on the show for that episode. Other times, a single guest discusses their work or area of expertise with a host or co-hosts.
Where is National TV Talk Show Host Day?
Nationwide USA
Natural Events:
Partial Solar Eclipse
October 23, 2014 in Northern Pacific, North America, Mexico, Eastern Russia
On October 23, 2014 a partial Solar Eclipse can be seen. The center of the Moon’s shadow will miss the earth, passing above the north pole, but a partial eclipse will be visible at sunrise in far eastern Russia, and before sunset across most of North America.
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A partial solar eclipse occurs in the polar regions of the Earth when the center of the Moon’s shadow misses the Earth.
The metonic series repeats eclipses every 19 years (6939.69 days), lasting about 5 cycles. Eclipses occur in nearly the same calendar date. In addition the octon subseries repeats 1/5 of that or every 3.8 years (1387.94 days). This series has 21 eclipse events betweenAugust 12, 1942 and August 11, 2018.
Where is Partial Solar Eclipse?
Worldwide Northern Pacific, North America, Mexico, Eastern Russia
October New Moon
October 23, 2014 in EST Eastern Standard Time / UTC-05
On October 23, 2014 the moon reaches its minimum brightness. Therefore it is called new moon. In astronomical terminology, the phrase new moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon, in its monthly orbital motion around Earth, lies between Earth and the Sun, and is therefore in conjunction with the Sun as seen from Earth. At this time, the dark (unilluminated) portion of the Moon faces almost directly toward Earth, so that the Moon is not visible to the naked eye.
The original meaning of the phrase new moon was the first visible crescent of the Moon, after conjunction with the Sun. This takes place over the western horizon in a brief period between sunset and moonset, and therefore the precise time and even the date of the appearance of the new moon by this definition will be influenced by the geographical location of the observer. The astronomical new moon, sometimes known as the dark moon to avoid confusion, occurs by definition at the moment of conjunction in ecliptic longitude with the Sun, when the Moon is invisible from the Earth. This moment is unique and does not depend on location, and under certain circumstances it is coincident with a solar eclipse.
Where is October New Moon?
Eastcoast (North America) EST Eastern Standard Time / UTC-05
Historical Events on 23rd October:
42 BC – Roman Republican civil wars: Second Battle of Philippi – Brutus’s army is decisively defeated by Mark Antony and Octavian. Brutus commits suicide.
787 – Byzantine empress Irene recovers Iconclastic cult at Nicaea
1157 – The Battle of Grathe Heath ends the civil war in Denmark. King Sweyn III is killed and Valdemar I restores the country.
1641 – Outbreak of the Irish Rebellion of 1641 – Catholic uprising in Ulster
1690 – Revolt in Haarlem after public ban on smoking
1694 – American colonial forces, led by Sir William Phipps, fail to seize Quebec.
1814 – 1st plastic surgery is performed (England)
1824 – 1st steam locomotive is introduced
1917 – Lenin speaks against Kamenev, Kollontai, Stalin & Trotsky
1935 – Dutch Schultz, Abe Landau, Otto Berman, and Bernard “Lulu” Rosencrantz are fatally shot at a saloon in Newark, New Jersey in what will become known as The Chophouse Massacre.
1954 – Britain, England, France & USSR agree to end occupation of Germany
1956 – Thousands of Hungarians protest against the government and Soviet occupation. (The Hungarian Revolution is crushed onNovember 4).
1977 – Paleontologist Elso Barghoorn announces that 34-billion-year-old one-celled fossils, the earliest life forms, had been discovered
1989 – Hungary proclaims itself a republic & declares communist rule ended
1998 – Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat reach a “land for peace” agreement.
2001 – The Provisional Irish Republican Army of Northern Ireland commences disarmament after peace talks.
2001 – Apple releases the iPod.