Thankful thought for the evening

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Having a full day with no distractions, other than my own making, to write.

I have written over 3,000 words today! I’m so close to the halfway mark, I can almost touch it. However. Having an issue with the power blinking off and on, again. And my ISP not cooperating. So I’m calling it here for the night and will start again early in the morning. And by early, I’m thinking around ten-ish. 😀

Ya’ll have sweet dreams! take care


Thankful thought for the morning

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So I signed off the net early in the evening, my body was all out of sorts. I decided to read a chapter or two in a book I’m reading. And next thing you know it’s almost one in the morning and I’ve read half the book. LOL 😀

So I’m thankful this morning, early afternoon for having the day off and sleeping in. And now I’m going to watch some cbs.com and catch up on the latest eps of; Criminal Minds, CSI, and NCIS: original, LA and New Orleans. And write too! woot! 😀

So now to go check out a few social sites and then write.

laters have an amazing Friday!


Thankful thought for the day

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Yay for smart phones and no more blood draws for the day! 😀

I had a moment to post the daily cal and the IOTD, and now thank you, Google Drive. I’m going to try to do some writing on the go. I hardly did any writing yesterday, between the lack of sleep and a headache…I just couldn’t. Anywho hope to change that now and tomorrow.

And I’m also thankful for the time to be able and get these tests done today. I’ll have tomorrow to recover from all the poking, and prodding. My body doesn’t handle the prodding very well. I’m not feeling the pain now…but I’m not  really looking to when it hits. So planning now to distract my body with my brain. Have an awesome day and I’m going to go write on my story! 😉


Today’s thankful thought


I’m so thankful that I have a sense of humor. I had to go take care of something really important this morning. I ensured I had directions, easy to understand directions. However…and this is important, there were no landmarks in the directions. I’m fairly good with directions, I know that I go up to Fort Wayne-North, down to Indy-South, West to Illinois, and East to Ohio. But if you want me to get to a specific location, landmarks really help! 🙂    And here’s where that sense of humor comes in! So I’m following the directions, and next thing I know, I’m on the wrong road and halfway to Fort Wayne. When did 9 become 24 East???  Um. OOPS!  I turned around and finally made it to my destination with twenty minutes to spare. But I’m a horrible Type A, I was trying not to freak out a bit. And then I just started laughing, cause if it was going to happen it would be to me.  Plus I had to cut myself some slack, I’ve never been to this town before.

My sense of humor comes in handy a LOT! lol 😀

I wonder if other Type A personality people have the same issues, and if so, how do you cope with it?

***And another moment for my sense of humor! ***

So while I was driving back to my destination, I heard on the radio that Anderson, Indiana is having their Christmas parade, T H I S Saturday! Um what??? They will also be doing a Tree Lighting!  😛 Dudes! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet? And we’re already having a christmas parade and a tree lighting???!!!??? 😛

” Happy Christmahannukwanzadan everybody…and I think that covers everybody ” ~Source

Yep, I like that saying! Still trying to figure out how to add Yule into it. 😀



Thankful thought for the day!

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I could keep it in theme with it being veteran’s day and all that… yet. No.

I want to say Thank you to my mother for her reading to me as a child, and she gave me a lifelong gift of reading. She also taught me to read and write at an early age, thank you. Why this came up today, well as you know I’m writing in the NaNoWriMo. If you’re following my blog, that should be no surprise to you. lol But today, I came in to work two hours early; an hour to prepare for my work load for the day, and an hour of peace and solitude- and coffee- to write. And woohoo! I met my average word count in that hour alone! So yes, it is true that when you give your children the gift of reading, that they also tend to become writers. Me. It’s because there are stories that I want to read that haven’t been written, so I write them. which is a good segue into another blog entry coming soon.  *cliffhanger* it’s a thing writers do. LOL 😛

Again, hope someone else is doing the thankful a day thought. It has been helping my attitude of gratefulness, and kindness.

And oooh, hey my mom is an Army wife, and an Army mom! Knew I could swing it back around to veteran’s day! lol Seriously though military wives/mom’s deserve their own day!! The stuff my mom dealt with on a daily basis. Especially when dad wasn’t around, she deserves a medal too. Love you, Mom! *It’s in print! yep I said it!*


Woot! Today’s Thankful Thought

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LOL Say that three times fast! 😀

I’ve had a very busy day, however I am thankful for the people I work with. When you’re having a moment it’s nice to be able to talk to a colleague. When you need to be silly and have a lil bit of fun, it’s nice to have friends that you work with.

And another thankful moment… and yeah, it’s nano related. LOL 😉 For my lunch break today I decided to write, I enjoy it. And yes, I will be dedicating a whole post to my writer and my lack of it for the past year. It deserves it’s own post! 😀   So nano count at this moment is: 14496! nice, nice! I have written today; 1,601 which is over my average word count for the day!! WOOHOOO! And my muse is still softly singing to me…I had to delete an entire scene, because I was having an ornery moment, however. I did re-write it and I like the scene much better now. And it’s flowing… woohoo!!

So that is today’s thankful Thought! Seriously, that is a lil fun saying it out loud really fast.

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful Monday in your part of the World!!



might try to get some more writing done when I get home.

And PS- november’s calendar was scrubbed. Between the ISP and other busy-ness going on. I um…sorry! Gave up. Sometimes you just have to stick to your limits. So for those I was going to put on the Calendar; Wayne, Mary, and SBI. I’ll see what I can do within the month to surprise ya’ll!! SBI, honestly you’ll have me there. I think that’s pretty special! LOL :p

Thankfulness for the day;

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WordPress support team! Ya’ll rock!

I’ve been tweaking the site again… yes. I’ve been wanting to adjust a few things and add in the newest ‘About’ page. 😀

Hopefully this makes it easier to get the pages that you want to visit. I’ll probably be adjusting the Welcome page too…but that’s not clear yet. 😀 I kind of like it.

So stay tuned… I’ll be updating that new ‘About’ Page soon! =^.^=

Today’s thankful thoughts

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At the moment, I’m really thankful I only agreed to work four hours today. LOL 😀

My sinus allergies are overworking, and my right eye is continuously watering, to the point, that people are asking me, “What’s wrong, are you okay?” Yes. I’m fine, thank you. Allergies. arrrgh! lol

So in about thirty minutes, woohoo! I get to leave and go home to write. I have attempted to do a little bit, but my dang type A…I’ve gone through and re-read it, noticing things that I needed to correct- N O W. LOL 😛 so I think I’ve written six omg Six new words.

As soon as I get home, get some meds and more coffee in me, I’m off to the keyboard! It’ll be Writing time! Woohoo!


Oh I’m also thankful for friends that get my silliness. Ran into one earlier today and they made me-well yeah, not really. Follow them to the local mall, and viola, Claire’s is not only carrying TokiDoki now, but a line from Katy Perry, Kitty Purry. Squee!!!! (the rest of the story to today’s IOTD) and she got me a new iphone case, I snagged me a kitty ears headband. LOL $2.00 halloween clearance, and oooh it has sparklies in it!

unnamed (2)

Sparkly cat ears =^.^=

unnamed (1)

Iphone case =^.^= Kitty Purry

Happy happy, Joy joy

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I can’t remember if I posted it here or not, the other day I was happy that I’m helping a co-worker out, and woohoo! I get to leave at four today, four hours early!!!! Because I’m coming in for four hours tomorrow on my day off. That’s how I’m helping her out. 🙂 it’s all good! and WOW! I get to leave early today… guess what I’m going to do? Write! LOL 😀


*Ponder ponder*


It has taken me a bit to think of something that I am thankful for today, and not fall back on platitudes. So yes, I’ve been pondering, and this is what I’ve come up with.

I’m thankful when my colleague/team mate is here. I’m thankful that I’m considered a flexible person, which is much nicer than the same person that once said I have “An attitude.” Honestly, my attitude is a reflection of the attitude that is given to me. Therapy technique 101- mirroring. LOL 😀 By the way, they are the one that told me they are thankful that I’m a flexible person. Weirdness…get to know a person before judging or labeling them. I am an introvert with moments of extravortism. LOL I can be social but it’s more when I want to be. And now ya’ll know why I love kitties so much, I have some things in common with them; naps, food, coffee ok- catnip to them, and I’ll play when I want to play. LOL :p

I’m also thankful that the NANO counter was reset, and it seems to be working. One of my lovely followers here left me a comment about an app, but I couldn’t find it in the app store on itunes. oops 😦  I’m also thankful that I have been rereading my own story and doing corrections on the go. I’m still seeking a beta reader for it. AKA a proof reader.

I’m still trying to upload the calendar for the month unfortunately, I’m here by myself today, and so… work comes first. Writing, uploading and being creative have to wait until I have a bit of a moment to do something.  Right now, I’m hoping that I get a lunch! LOL 😀

so until later, have a beautiful day! Think of something that you are thankful for. And really, think about it… most of us can pop off from the top of head; family, friends, job, etc…. but from here on out, I’m thinking of trying to add some depth to my thankful thoughts. I’ll still pop off from the top of my head, it’s human nature.


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