Today on Alexandria’s Geek Corner

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“First, WOOOHOOO!”

“I’m officially on here as a Guest Blogger! Sweet! and then secondly, today is Friday the thirteenth. I have a beautiful mini Black Panther sitting on my shoulder that wants to me to tell ya’ll not to hurt Black kitties today and if they cross your path, it’s good luck, NOT BAD! Stop perpetuating the negative stereotypes of black cats. I mean otherwise, these two kitties might get upset with you. One is called the Black Cat and the other Catwoman likes her black outfit and her black kitties too! Artwork and the characters are copyright their respective owners and artists! I looked for the artist’s name and couldn’t find them. If these are yours please let me know and I’ll gladly add your name in for credit. Thank you!”

“And now for the information that you did come here for!  And since it’s Friday some cheesecake is fun, am I right? I don’t discriminate-men/women whatever, it’s all good and consensual. Anyways, today’s movie was Thor the Dark World, speaking of men. WHOOOOO!

And then tomorrow it’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Where we get introduced to Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, and Groot! A funny and entertaining movie. I highly recommend the soundtrack if you don’t already have it! I know it’s available on iTunes! Until later, be kind to kitties!”

Breaking News from Alexandria’s Geek Corner

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“OH, MY GAWD! Dudes, they have announced that Infinity War will have a PG 13 rating. Hey, breaking news is breaking news! And here with an informative article, my favorite geek site, ComicBook.com Hey! NO. Stay here. Isis, get back here! Yes, you wonderful people too, thank you!  Okay, I know, this news broke yesterday on the eleventh. My shift has been changed to the graveyard. Oooh. It’s so I don’t get into people’s, McKay’s, stuff. Whatever. Some people have no sense of humor and he says he likes cats. And the weekly database was yesterday and I’m just now getting through all my emails in my inbox.”

Today on Alex’s Geek Corner

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“First up, Dude’s this may become a thing! I’m here three day’s straight. Right? Okay. Moving on, I’m looking at my PDA and tomorrow’s viewing is Thor, the Dark World. Oops forgot to highlight the list, I’ll fix it tomorrow. I mean, honestly, LOKI! Okay, he’s kinda hot! What? I’m not dead! Hello! Cranky Major is being Cranky, and whatever. So back to geek corner, this isn’t Alex’s love life. Unless you know you want me to do one of those ask me a question and I’ll give you my advice. My advice, not the boss lady! HA!” Looking around, “But before that happens. You have to request it. Otherwise, I’ll just talk geeky to you.” she laughs out loud. “Until then let’s enjoy this clip from Comedy Central that was aired before the original showing of Thor, the Dark World with, Loki of Asgard! Meow!”


Today on Alex’s Geek Corner

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“As I said yesterday morning, in case you actually got some restful sleep, you might not remember. We are re-watching the Marvel Movies and we’re going by this list found on DIGG

We Watched The Avengers also now known as Avengers 1.”

“As seen here, hubba hubba, All of them! They’re all gorgeous!”

“And this morning’s viewing will be Iron Man 3! I’m sure both kitties will be present for the viewing and the Boss lady will take pix of the adorable little furbles!”

Today on Alex’s Geek Corner

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“We’re re-watching Marvel Movies for the upcoming Infinity War. Now if you’ve been living in a cave, have you? Then you’ve seen or heard something on the internet or facebookie about the Avengers and the Infinity War. This mornings viewing will be The Avengers! Also now known as Avenger’s movie one. Where is the order I’m using, thank you for asking, you can see the pretty pictures here or you can DIGG it here if you like the word format. OH, thank you, Isis. She says to ensure you have a comfortable seat and treats to watch the movie and drink plenty of water. She’s nothing if not thoughtful.” Looks around at the door being hammered on, “HOLD YOUR HORSES, I’M BUSY IN HERE! Sorry about that, I guess I’m needed somewhere. I have a special question for some people that want to participate. Should be a geek, not a requirement, but will help. You should also know Wonder Woman’s origin story, you can use the clay or the demi-god but you have to stick with one, to play the game. 😉 So till later, watch out for cranky Major’s and don’t get on Carson’s bad side, he has big needles and is not afraid to use them.”



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