The overnight part is getting easier. Now let’s hope the sleeping schedule gets better. 😉

and in other news the revision of my story is ugh… 😦 I’m seeing things that I’m like, what was I thinking?

I’m thinking of making a copy and rewriting large bits of it. What I’m reading right now, I’m just not happy with. I can tell I was in a different headspace when I wrote it. But will I scratch the whole story? NO! I just need to do some major revision and add in some stuff. It just feels off from my character and the other characters in the story. 😦

so hopefully tomorrow, I mean today… wow! that is still going to take some getting used to. lol 🙂

I can make the copy and see if I can get ahold of my beta reader, I need a second opinion before I scuttle a lot of bits… Writing can be easy, however, it’s in the re-reading and then revision, revision and oh yeah, some more revision. 😉 Good writing, on the other hand, appears to take a bit of work, effort and loads of patience with oneself.

I’m learning. A phrase my grandmother used to say to me, learning takes patience and time. I’m understanding that now.

Cool, my philosophical nature seems to like this new shift too.  😛 hee hee

So until later, sweet dreams to me, and Good Morning to you!! Have a Beautiful Day!

Indy Canal Sunrise-S