So back to doing some things the way I’ve done before; hair, nails, and other stuff. 😉 lol

and since I’m back to coloring my hair myself I’d love to review Loreal’s new hair product: Mousse Hair Absolute. I’m giving it a 2 1/2 out of 10! 😦

It gets a least a two as it covers the gray ;), but this mousse product is very difficult to work with, one to cover your hair, two to rinse it out, and three today- second day after coloring and my hair feels ugh!! Like it has a helmet of product in and on it. I’ll be re-washing my hair tonight to get this feeling to go away.

The one perk that really caused me to purchase this-other than the coupon, is that it is good for more than one application. Meaning I was able to use it twice! Cost effective, but not at the price of feeling like ugh hair, ya know?  So yeah, 2 1/2 out of 10. 😦  and I like Loreal hair products. So I’m sad about this! 😦 (see)

and now onto doing my nails. Woohoo! I’ve just about got the old acrylics gone. I’m not ripping them off like I did last time. OWWW! I’m letting them grow off. But I am keeping them short and then using the black emery board to smooth down the area between my nail and that of the acryric nail. Yeah, boys might not understand this. LOL 😀  but the fun part is coloring my nails. Hubs can’t stand the smell of the polish and I don’t blame him. But woot! I have lots of polish and can have fun! well within reason. I do have to keep them professional for work. 😉

and then I received a coupon for 50 % off glasses in my email from my M Perks. Hubs needs glasses, and I made an appointment online through the Meijer’s website! Yeah, I like that!!


so the computer repair may be longer, his eyesight is more important than me being able to use the home computer. Yeah! I know…