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So it’s a rare fact but I have four WordPress blogs at this time. I’m moving everything from the fourth to the second. 😉 The photo blog is about to go Buh bye!! And what I can post as my art on the Creative Musings, I will be doing so. I need to consolidate some stuff…

anywho stay tuned!! 😉

Who’s a type A?



I’m a type A! LOL 😀

so what to do while you’re on call for twelve hours, well if you’re me, then you get the start of your documentation for the W H O L E week ready to go! Yep!! That’s me!

This is helpful for multiple reasons, one I can sleep in a bit, not have to get up at the crack of dawn, to get in and get it done early in the morning. Ta*Da it’s started already! And two I feel better being prepared, takes my stress level from an eight to a two!!! Yeah! That is the most important!! Stress level! 😉

and um… I’ve been painting my fingernails too. lol 😉 looking cute I still have to do my ring finger’s at home, I forgot that nail color. Yeah, I usually do my ring finger nail’s a different color! I’m just different like that.

Now then, my Type A personality is waaaay more laid back than a TRUE type A, or as I’ve gotten more mature it’s mellowed out. I don’t get as angry as I used to, or if I do, I control it much better!! If I have an issue with something or someone- I confront the situation or them as logically as possible. Emotion has no room in this – Philosophy 101! 😉 But I am a time person-I still arrive places an hour earlier than scheduled, still a bit of a perfectionist, even though I’ve learnt to stop correcting people on their spelling, punctuation, and pronunciation. OH YEAH! I used to be really really bad about all of those!! Ask my friends that remember when I’d reply to their emails and I would red the corrections to their emails. 😦 yeah… I’m not embarrassed by it, I think it’s humorous now.  But my friend’s would smack me when they saw me. Still humorous! 😀 AS to my stress level and the chances of Heart issues, um yeah, no friggin doubt!! TIA’s-4+ including one as recent as two weeks ago, Strokes-2 and a Cardiac Arrest in 2010! all before I was forty-five! So I’ve had to learn to relax some of my stringent ways and go with the flow!!

Also a big thank you to my spiritual beliefs and my love of artistic endeavors which has helped me with my logic skills, patience, mindfullness and keeping me busy with different ways to relax! 😉


Wormhole of my heart, why yes I am a Gate Geek! 😉



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Good, bad, eh it is what it is… ?

Well I’m a horrible type A personality, which I’ve knocked down to an A- LOL

I started a series for last Halloween season, and I’ve been working on it sporadically.
so I’ll be posting it this September and going through October. 😀 That’s the game plan!! Now to see if I can locate the notebook I have been writing in. Once again Mr. OCD traits has re-arranged my desk to his standards. Love the man, dearly. But… He truly has to stop messing with my personal areas. :p
Thank goodness he knows not to touch the altars. I keep telling him, I’m going to go into his sock drawer and put all his socks together with different ones. Honestly, they are all the same to me. but not to him. I shouldn’t be so mean, huh? LOL
I’ve texted him, and he’s drawing me a map now to placement on my desk. No Joke!! oi…

so wish me luck, because I really want to get these thoughts on line, before Samhain this year. Woot! I have a goal now. Love Goals. 😀 (remember type A personality…) 😛

Apparently I’m a Weirdo!


well duh! LOL

and why is that? I’m happy! No really, I’m HAPPY!! I smile, I joke, I act silly!
And people always ask, “When are you going to grow up and be serious?”

First Okay I have grown older, and second I am one of the serious people I know. I am a Type A personality that is intrinsically motivated, big words for basically I’m an anal perfectionist that likes doing a good job!

So I grow older, that’s a biological fact, but growing up, is optional. And what is the harm of having fun and being Happy!! And then…OMG…sharing that happiness with people that obviously need it!!

If you’re happy and you know it, go WooHOOOOO!!!


Have a Happy Day!!
and fyi I will be re-doing my bed to look like this! LOL Remember growing up is optional!! 😀
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