I finally caught whatever flu is going around. UGH! 😦

my body hurts more than usual and in weird spots…normally, my neck hurts, but not my arms. It feels like every joint is on fire right now.

And I’ve decided, I’m still hungry, Fish & chips! 🙂

Anywho, about yesterday, cause I’m still a little giddy about it. lol 😀

We went on a monster hunt! Three new Monster High dolls had been released and we found All three of them!! woohoo!! Operetta, Toralei and Nefera. And to see some of the cartoons; http://www.monsterhigh.com/videos/

I’m catching up on all of them! 😀 hey, you’re never to old for fun!

and now for the cute pix:

Nefera, Cleo de Nile’s older sister (and for doll collector’s, the body is different than the originals)

Toralei Stripe

So once we found our monster’s, we headed home, via the Taylor Bakery! OMG! They make the best pastries, if ever in Indy, you’ve got to check them out; Taylor Bakery
store front:

and the goodies for St Patrick’s day

and oh yeah! Cannoli’s!! definitely on my must buy!! 😀

mm, that’s all for now! tmrw’s blog, Digital versus print magazines, aka “B&N sucks on their mag selections!”
later, stay safe! My thoughts, and prayers to all of those affected by the storms & tornado’s.