okay so earlier that jerk that was yelling at me, is a fellow professional and he was quite rude with me. I hope not to have a lot of interaction with him. Otherwise, I’ll be short-spoken, “Yes. No.” and courteous but not outright happy! ya know?


woohoo and yay to Eddie too rjrdnjhgrtazodbcrjvfqzm1mty6yze5yzm0yzliyjzjn2e4mdvjm2mxyjjjnjawzty0zwq6ojo6oja there was an issue with an item I ordered, Eddie is fixing it!! YAY for good news!
I highly recommend Bearded Shirts.com for your Legion and Zane Wear!

so my updated IOTD is:


oh wait… that’s not quite an image huh???

trying again….


LOL 😀 

works for me!!