Are we a ‘team’ or not?

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I love these new ‘Team’ groups, where everyone is supposed to work collaboratively! That is what I’ve always wanted to be part of here. It sounds awesome, right?

Here’s the problem,
My teammate is an Ass! “Oh, you’ve got this! And no I’m not going to send you an email to remind you! That’s NOT MY JOB!”

okay, I am a DAV with a TBI, I have made it known that I require people to send me texts/emails to remind me of important stuff. I have alarms set on my phone/watch so I ensure I’m where I need to be when I need to be there! And this person, once said, “Oh no worries, I can text/email you whenever you need it!” So which one is it, helpful or an Ass!

And here’s some Passive Aggressive behavior for you, I’m no longer going to email her when she needs to know something to do her job! Is that wrong? NO. Is it rude? Maybe. Is it Passive Aggressive, oh hell yes!

This is exactly what I’ve been putting up with for years. So, yeah, yay team! Means yay me! There is no I in teams, but there is a ME! yep!!

OI! I hate this feeling! I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Type A person, which means I like doing things correctly and when they aren’t done that way, it gives me stress. Which is bad, as I have heart issues! I don’t know why people won’t work with my known disabilities? This is nothing new!! These are Reasonable Accommodations!! So much for a TEAM!

So, after much emailing about her doing something ‘wrong.’ She brought me back a Pepsi as a Peace gesture! She’s still an ass, but she now knows she’s not infallible and she needs to compromise!! yep! So, yes, I’ve emailed her what she needs to be aware of. I’m not a complete ASS! just a smart one! LOL 😀

Moms Day 2021

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So Patrick bought me the Shaq grill. The cats bought me a charm. It was a nice weekend- I wasn’t on call and could sleep in and nap on Saturday. 😂 #Goals

After grilling steak on the Shaq grill I was only half impressed. The steak was over cooked, the temperature was difficult and I got burnt by the steam. When Patrick went to take it apart and clean. That’s the other reason we decided to return it!

1-I got hurt! Steam burns hurt!

2-the temperature wasn’t right, even with the directions and the steaks were over cooked!

3- there was oil/grease from the steak on the insides! The oil tray was easy to remove, yet difficult to put back in place! The oil was on the heating coils?!?!?! and that’s when we both decided it was being returned!! But seriously the Steam burn 🔥 was the first thing that ticked Patrick off- I GOT HURT, COOKING! On a product I shouldn’t have gotten hurt on! And yes, it was level on a flat surface!

Yay! For Sam’s Club! Yes, we’re Prime Members! Buying in bulk is smart! Costco is not worth the price of membership for US! To far away, overpriced food and multiple reasons-which sucks because I know they’re good to their employees!

But Sam’s has real food-that I can cook, that’s good quality in bulk and reduces our carbon footprints 👣 cause we stock up and go to the grocery store less!

Plus they’re 100% guarantee is amazing! Patrick returned the grill from hell, without the printed receipt and they looked up his purchase on the computer 🧑‍💻 and the money 💵 was returned on his card. Easy Peasy! He bought us other food items while there.

At this point and after the ordeal at the nail salon in Muncie. TNails, 20 years I’ve been going there and NOW, they’ve chosen to argue with me?! My manicurist quit! Wages are awful! We’ve given her 100.00 dollars in tips to help her! But yeah, she quit! 😭 so I saw the third in charge and she didn’t do bad until I informed her that the product she used -who markets dip and polish together for hands/feet, didn’t match! And she lied about basic science! “The polish oxidized in the box!” *it’s a new unopened in a sealed box polish!! Where and how did this oxidize? OMG 😳 stop lying 🤥

My toes were red my nails were pink! They were ALL supposed to be pink! So, she started painting OVER THE RED! WTH! 🤦🏻‍♀️ seriously 😳 no, just no! I asked to have the toe polish removed and just repainted with a pink. Reasonable in my opinion! But that’s when she was arguing with me and then Patrick! Yep, that’s when he said we’re going elsewhere! Bye 👋🏻 bye 👋🏻 TNails

So yeah my Mother’s Day weekend was overall nice! I enjoyed spending time with Patrick and then playing with the fur kids. 🐈‍⬛ JiJi and 🐈‍⬛ Isis.

And I did like the concept of the indoor grill. What’s your opinion on the Ninja Foodie Grill?

Have an amazing day!

Aloha 🌸🌼🌺🌸🌼🌺

**Updated due to the word functions! Finishing my sentences WRONG AND USING THE WRONG WORDS! it just did it again! I caught it this time!

Oh and here’s the charm the fur kids bought me!

Good taste
A Gold Maneki Neko aka the Lucky Cat

April 12th

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Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog. I was on the inpatient unit, which I thought I was doing well with. And then directly after I returned from bereavement leave for my Dad, I was informed they hired someone! It hadn’t been posted and I wasn’t given the opportunity to apply! Oh and the supervisor that hired her, is gone now and the HR person that was looking into my inquiry 🧐 gone now. And no one knows what the fuck I’m talking about. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So I still have my job there. But ya know?

Then I had to take MY VACATION TIME for a 3 day seminar as my supervisor told me NO! He wasn’t going to pay for it or allow paid time for it! This is the same dude that stated, “I don’t like you but I don’t have to. I just have to make sure I do my job.”

He doesn’t like me for Religious reasons. But I have no recourse according to the ex lawyer I spoke with. He’s an idiot x lawyer-no longer practicing and doesn’t have the ability to in Indiana anymore. But still wants to charge full prize and won’t talk to you until your card clears! Yes! I’m serious! And he’s condescending the entire time!

moans and groans…


aka I have got to get a few annoyances off my chest, writing is my coping skill. 🙂 and it’s a positive coping skill too. Once I write it out, I forget about it…. or don’t dwell on it anyways. 😉


So a few annoyances today…and one of these started on the Facebook yesterday, I took a sanity break, and have avoided it today as well. I had re-posted an interesting photo. unnamed (7)

And the next thing I see is a reply from someone that claims to be a feminist. Calling this woman a “Shameless Hussy.” Uh NO! Just NO. We get enough bad press/talk from the other gender, we don’t need it from our own. And then I had another woman send me a private message calling me a C __ t. Really? REALLY????  Yeah, I don’t take personal attacks well, so I reported them, sent a screencap of the PM from my phone, and then I removed them from my list. Honestly, I don’t have the time, or energy to deal with stupidity. And yes, I am calling them stupid! Because honestly…. think about this. *facepalms #1*

So I decide to take a sanity break from Facebook, still haven’t been on there today. It’s not a habit, or something that I need to do every day, it is for fun, and when it’s not fun. I stay off of it.


And now for *Facepalm #2* So I love my happier app, until earlier today someone made a post that was “why do people lock down their accounts?” So I tried to be nice, and explain my reason why. They told me that was rude, I was shutting the door on people. Um DUH! that’s what private means. So why are my happier posts locked down? Same as my Facebook page! I don’t want/need clients to try to friend me, or stalk me online. I get enough threats in my position. And I’ve been stalked in real life from client’s… I don’t need that nonsense online as well.

So I feel I’m justified in my moans and groans this afternoon. I gave fair warning to my subscribers to avoid this post if they wanted. But I hope really that they didn’t. 😀  Because honestly, I can’t be the only one that has issues with online nonsense. LOL 😛

Definitely random musings…


OI! So I’ve spent almost an hour to line up a ride to get home tonight… thank goodness I have a friend that doesn’t mind coming to get me and take me home. I feel awful about it. But I don’t really want to sit here three hours after I’m off shift. 😦

We need a second car. If our shifts were closer together it wouldn’t be a problem. I can’t adjust mine. And I don’t know if his boss would adjust his…. he works retail, I think it could be done. But hey, that’s just me.

Anywho…just needed to vent for a minute. I hope ya’ll are doing well in your little corners of the globe. Stay warm, stay safe! more creative stuff over the weekend, I’m in the mood to get ready for Valentine’s day. 😀

Laters have an amazing day!

omg… health issues…. again…

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so ya’ll have noticed by now, no updates since the 2nd. Well I didn’t do any updates on the weekend, I usually take those off. And then on Monday, the 5th. I was having shooting pains in my right arm, chest pain, dizziness and shortness of breath. And after having a few TIA’s and a possible stroke (?) I decided at lunch to go to the VA ER in town. And next thing you know, I’m hooked up to monitor’s, doing the blood draw, getting a shot, and passing out…

yeah, I was prepared to be admitted! but NOOOOOOOOOO!
get this, the hospital they called had no beds. Okay, SO?! There are at least five other hospital’s that they could’ve transferred me to! So what the eff??!!

They kept me till my blood pressure dropped to a ‘reasonable’ level, and then released me with a 24 hour bed rest. No meds, no pain meds, no NADA! “Oh your primary doctor should be calling you to schedule a follow up.” No seriously, really? DUH!

OH Yes! I’m a little more than ticked!! I am filing a complaint. This is effin’ ridiculous. So we want to admit you, but since the one hospital we tried has no beds, you can go home? WTF?!

And okay, my bp is actually better today, and the side effects from the shot I got have gone away. But OMG! My right shoulder through my bicep muscle is killing me. I’ve taken my Tylenol, and I’ve been icing it whenever possible. And now I’m trying to locate a sling, as it feels better when it’s elevated. But obviously I’m still typing with it. Ah! I have to work. But when I’m not typing, I’m keeping it iced and elevated. Takes the pain from a 10 to an 8.
So I may or may not be blogging the rest of the week. I know a lot of people will understand, and thank you! HUGS!

oooh good news! One of my new favorite supervisor’s, just took my on call hours this weekend, so I can recuperate, and I’m taking her’s at the end of the month. She’s my new favorite, cause she’s doing this for me on such short notice!! Squee!!! If anything, Friday after work, I might be driving down to the Indy VA ER to see what they can do.

Anywho, if anything, I’ll be posting the calendar days for the rest of the week! Ya’ll have a safe, happy and healthy week!!

Positive Tuesday

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Woo! So yesterday was annoyance, today has to be positive. It’s just the way I am. I hate staying all meh, bleh, and yeeargh!

So the positive for having a new email address:
1) No spam!
2) No chain letters
3) No thousands of emails in my inbox, with only 18% left!
***I had gotten my email down to under 1500. Woot!! and I was going through and weeding them out daily. which segues us into reason number
when I get a shopping rewards card, even when I check-no email- I still get email. So Yay! no more of those!
5) Control over who has and doesn’t have the new email address. I love my friends and family. But…with that being said, I didn’t ask you to forward my email with my email addy in it for your fifteen thousand friends to start emailing me spammy junk. Seriously, people remember your email etiquette. If you are going to forward something, two options: Copy/paste into a new email. OR click forward and erase all the prior email addresses. YEAH! I copy/paste into a new email. 🙂

I’m sure I’ll think of more, but at the moment, these are the important ones! IMO. 😛
Still waiting on some ppl to email me, so I can ‘snag’ their addies again.

I’m still changing email address on a few sites that I really do utilize. oooh, I can to go to amazon and ebay later tonight. LOL The priorities, people! The priorities. Both carry Books!! Books I say! 😀 LOL

overall yeah, the annoyance is still slightly there, but not to degree I was having yesterday and all the positives are adding up to relieve some other stress.

Until later, keep your chin up, don’t panic, Keep Calm and Have a groovy day!
pretty cute lil posies



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And doing the same ole, same ole. Sometimes it works, others not really.

Still going through and decluttering my email’s, I um had more than 1200, as I’m now down to 1.293. I’m on my laptop so Chrome works here. More accurate than IE whatever….

anywho, back to repetition, I love music. Honestly I do! But OMG How many times can you listen to the same song over and over until you’re about to go whacko, or seriously throw their laptop across the room. OMFG!
And wow! He’s changed the song, but he’s still playing that one, over and freaking over! DUDE!

Like I said, sometimes repetition is a good thing, doing something over and over, you get a good feel for it. After my brain injury, thank goodness I had done a lot of stuff repetitively. It helped. But some times, like today….one can only take so much of the same thing over and over before they freaking lose it!

OI! I had to get this off my chest, so I don’t go tossing a poor laptop across a room. And now back to reading email’s, I’ve finally made it to March of this year, so that’s good. LOL Only a month behind now, and wow! I wish I knew what the exact count had really been.

till later!



While playing on my phone at lunch, reading what’s new on facebook. I have come to the realization that some groups (people) have NO sense of humor. I mean for crying out loud. Some things are funny. Yes, okay, they might seem a little off key, but to go off on the person that posted it, get over yourself. So you’re offended, at what? The picture was truly innocuous. Do what I do, blog about it, problem solved. You got it off your chest, and if you look like an idiot, well…giggle at yourself later. I do! 🙂

anywho…I’m trying to share the love today, and some other people are making it difficult…again on the facebook. but you know what? Screw them! They can unfriend me (waaaah…), or they can ignore me for the day. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I’m a Smartass! I don’t intend to harm anyone, and I will apologize if someone really really takes a true hit from it. But really…smartasses make the day a lot brighter. Without us, there would be far more ppl punched in the face. Think about it, sarcasm or bodily injury?? I vote for sarcasm, it’s free- no legal fees attached. Just watch where you use it, and to whom. Boss, supervisor, yeah! not a good idea, unless you have that other awesome job lined up.

stop hating on the smartasses, and for crying out loud, please get a sense of humor! not my readers, ya’ll wouldn’t be here if ya didn’t love the awesomeness that is moi! LOL HUGS

Saturday night special post


Brought you by the letters, OMG!

Rarely do I get upset, I get frustrated, discombobulated, and snarky. And rarely do I use the H word, I dislike things…but today, I Hate Racist intolerant Bigots!

So, I had to go to town and do a few errands. First stop, I ran into someone I knew and was discussing the new Chinese Buffet in town, Teppenyaki. When some annoying person interrupts, “OH great! All we need more illegal immigrants in this city!” I didn’t have time to come up with a reply, as the person in charge asked them to leave the establishment. “I don’t tolerate that crap in my store.” Yeah, I’ll be back to do business at their business! 😀

Next stop, someone noticed one of my tattoo’s and we started talking about it. It’s a Maneki Neko, that I changed some of the ‘original’ elements, so it’s personal to me. And the cat is holding a Rainbow pentacle, not a scroll. “Get your Satanic Goth Ass out of my Store!” Well… okay, bad Me. But the first thing out of my mouth was, “Fuck You!” Thank goodness, I mumbled it. The next thing was, “I’m not a Satanist! Really?” Oy! I left, and I won’t be back. The dude actually had the nerve to follow me outside, and had a lighter in his hand. Really?? I looked at him, and shook my head!

Oh and on the Goth thing, Yes! I wear a lot of black. Big Deal, so did Johnny Cash, any one think he’s a Goth? No. Didn’t think so. I dress in color and people think I’m being obnoxious. You can’t please everyone, so I stopped trying. I please myself! If you don’t like it…oh well.

I just can’t believe people today…on Facebook, I’ve been face-palming while reading some of the stuff on there. My favorite is; “If you save a lot of stuff on your hard-drive, does your computer gain weight?” Yeah! OK….clearly we’re under funding education! One of the other things I re-shared was a gentleman getting tased in Penn, for failure to produce his ID. He hadn’t done anything???? He wasn’t resisting the officers? I don’t understand why they felt the need to tase this gentleman! OMG!

I need a hug!

I’ve been playing around with some new apps, expect a review on them shortly. But first rant on one… Dreamworks Dragon Drop, it’s free to download, but if you want to play a game, you have to buy the characters???? Really??? Wow! Good way to upset and frustrate people. The bottom line, give them a free dragon, charge for more. I’ve deleted it! Guess I didn’t want to play with a dragon. Jerks!!

ok…obviously, I need to sleep, or just chill out with a book for a bit. oh yeah, I’ve been working on the digital reading entry I’m wanting to post. Any quotes any one has about digital reading??

thanks and good night! Be safe! Watch the intolerant people!

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