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On a scale of 1-10, for stress. So far it’s a 9.5 kinda day. The most stress is from me, biting my tongue. To keep from saying what I really want to.

Let’s just agree; Mean ppl suck!


today’s entry is brought to you…


by the letter; F

(warning there are swear words in this entry-you have been warned! I am an adult, and I do swear!)

omg! today started out with me waking with a Category 2.5 migraine. I’ve taken my meds and it’s slowly subsiding. I went and did a few minor errands this morning. Stopped, and the first thing I don’t really appreciate-last time I looked, I was in Indiana, not Texas. I do not like being called, “Hon” by strangers, it’s just ugh! And depending on the person saying it, downright creepy!!

but I moved on…got to work, got to speak on the phone with my bf, and I calmed down.

mistake was checking my FB page. oy vey! I made a comment on how I FEEL! (ooh F word) and unless I’m reading into someone’s ‘status’ update, I’m selfish. sighs….

Yes, I will admit, there are times I’m selfish! And uh, yeah, the way I FEEL about things, well if that makes me selfish then so be it. I had already talked to myself and calmed myself down, and decided to repress my feelings to enjoy the day with my family…and now, I’ll be talking myself back down.

I get it! NOT Everyone knows how I feel about certain things, oooh, sorry! Yes, I realize I still have family, and YES! I do love my family.

and I’m leaving it here for the moment…. because if I type/think anything else, from this point, I might or might not regret it!

Dammit! I miss my Aunt!! The one I could call, and discuss this fucking shit with! She would know what to say, to make me feel better! And to make me feel loved!

sorry, for the downer post at the mo. I’ll try to validate and normalize myself and come back with a cute entry later…but please don’t hold your breath that it will be today!

It boggles the mind…


I have an issue…I have a thing for spelling things correctly, and using the correct punctuation.

What boggles my mind, some things actually make it into print. Newspapers don’t count, magazines don’t count-well not to me, however a book? Yeah, they have editors, proofreaders. I mean wth? 😦

Which is correct: “Your welcome.” or “You’re welcome.”

And wth? so and so, verse so and so.

Excuse me? Verse?? uh, I think you mean versus. See the difference a word makes? and or, spelling. The verse could just be a spelling error, or it could be the person really doesn’t have a clue…but to see this in print?! It boggles my mind!
Needless to say, I will not be buying any more books from this author. I’m sorry, if you can’t use beta or proof readers, and you have one to many grammatical, and spelling errors, I can’t read it. It makes NO sense to me at all.

For heaven’s sake, if you ever want to print your work, please, I beg of you. Get a proofreader. Because obviously, the book companies need help! 😦

I have three, beta/proofreaders. JIC, one is a grammatical nazi-Love you, Sweetheart, the other is great at continuity-esp since my work is a series, and the third is a SCI FI geek, with extensive knowledge in the area I’m working in.

Plus, like I said, I have a problem. It’s annoying some days, to read something, and immediately pick out all the misspelled words, and the bad punctuation. I’m also horrible looking at pictures. Years of being a digital retoucher, and I know how to do negative retouching. That’s working on the negative itself. 🙂 I can spot dots and imperfections. My friends are like, “Really?” Yeah…I do some free retouching for some ppl. Others that have paid for these services, I take a grease pencil, and make the appropriate comments and tell them to send it back to be redone, or get a refund. The funny thing, I used to work for that Portrait company. LOL I’m not above driving back to the lab, with the marked up prints, and asking them to fix it. Someone spends a good $1000. on their senior portraits, oh hell yes. I’m going to make sure that they get their moneys worth.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t allow sloppy English. It’s bad enough when ppl talk to me in text speak. “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

Example, and yes they use the initials, “WTF! do ygaf? IMR! LOL!”

I’m stymied at this. Beyond boggled, just speechless. Even in the Army, I didn’t use acronyms when talking all the time, just when it was required.

Example: “I need that pdq, or asap. The METL is on your desk.”

PDQ=pretty darn quick, ASAP= as soon as possible, METL=mission essential task list.

anywho, have a great day! please leave a comment, if you too, get tired of the butchering of our language. Thank you!!


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Some of my co-workers and colleagues, I will bend over backwards to help them.

one or two others, not going to happen!

so what’s the diff? The way in which they treat me. There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with people. And just because someone has had this bad behavior for years, does NOT mean it’s right.

If…I were to act to others, like they do to me. I’d already would have been in a training session for an attitude adjustment. So please stop telling me, “Oh it’s just they way they are….” NO, nope, not acceptable!

I’m very appreciative of those people that do help me out on a day to day basis, and I let them, as well as their supervisor know about it. ‘So and so, did a great thing today. So next time they ask for a day off, they should get it.’

I will write reccomendations for these individuals. So, let’s look at how you treat your co-workers, would any of them, bend over backwards for you? Why? Why not? Do you treat people with the respect that they deserve? Because honestly, if they are treating you badly, the first thing to do is introspection. And I know, I haven’t treated this person badly. Civil, yes. Badly, no. From the first week I started, she’s been this way, and everyone tells me that’s just the way she is. sorry, not buying it anymore. It should be addressed and handled the same as it is with every one else. Because one bad apple, can spoil an entire tree.

I’ve seen it at other places…

um, oy, yay…it’s Friday! lol


And it has been a very very very busy week at work!!!

And I’ve started yet another new series of books…no I’m not going to say yet. lol but ooooh, they are cute! :p

And my email inbox has exploded again. Wow! I haven’t been able to check, read or reply since last week, and omg is it packed full!! I’m slowly going through and deleting that which I don’t really need to read, and then slowly going through, and replying when/where needed.

And I still owe a pass word protected entry here for what has happened this past Monday! or was it Tuesday?? anywho, the drama llama’s on Facebook has been a little overwhelming as well. Just when you think you’re friends with “With IT” ppl, one can be surprised. oy vey! I’m just about to delete the whole dang thing. But I’m to competitive to let the haters win! Kiss me blarney stone! lol 😀

also most ppl have now heard the news about the tornados in Alabama, but they have been hitting here in Indiana as well, so please take your weather radios with you, stay safe and for goodness sake, take cover, not photos!!

I’m going to start wading back through the email’s, and germinate on the pass word protected entry. For those that want to read it, if you know my email, and I approve- I’ll send you the pass word. otherwise, no big! Just me blowing off lots of steam that doesn’t need to be public at the mo.

Later stay safe!!

Monday the sequel

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Have you ever noticed when you have a Holiday Monday, that the Tuesday following it is omfg crazy.

And that some people need the rest of the week off. I’m sorry, if something is not going your way. You don’t take it out on the rest of the people you’re working with.

I have a habit of telling people to put on their big girl/boy panties, get a grip and deal with it. It’s like ripping the bandage off of a wound. It sucks, and it hurts like Hell! But when you’re done, you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Life sucks, no one ever said it was fair, either. But it’s how you act, and NOT react to something that makes it easier. Oh yeah, I am a facilitator for DBT, Dialectical Behavior Theory, can you tell? LOL 😀

People in Indiana, be careful. It’s cold, windy and we’re expecting snow.
and PS- turn signals are NOT Optional. Use them, please and thank you!

only one person

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I am only one person, and I can do a lot, multi-tasking seems to be my forte’. However…I haven’t learned how to split myself up to do multiple tasks, including driving elsewhere while I’m at work. Doing three reports at one time, by the way, I only have one computer too. So…people breathe! And let me priortize these things. They will all get finished, just not all right NOW! Breathe!!

My head is starting to hurt…I don’t need a migraine at this point. ugh 😦

***whoop whoop*** Venting alert!

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okay, so I’ve had four TIA’s, and two strokes, and I have Fibromyalgia, which any and all of these conditions, affect cognitive memory functioning!!!!

so NO, I’m sorry I don’t always remember things. Which is why, if it’s “Important” I tend to write a note to remind myself. But if ‘you’ don’t tell me, it’s “Important” then how am I supposed to know that???

I do remember the basic stuff….but every twelve weeks, there is a shift, or a new procedure, and yeah, oops! some things get lost in translation, or quite frankly, I’ve forgotten. Don’t tell me, “We’ve gone over this before…” I know we have, just help refresh my memory! geeze…I’m sorry I have had strokes, TIA’s and fibro….this would be one of those things that the ADA mentions, reasonable accomodations- reasonably, you should be willing to remind me, and not yell at me for not remembering a trivial thingie. 😦

okay Vent over, please continue on with your scheduled day and Have a lovely one at that! TGIFF!

Ps-put Happy Birthday’s on here in the comments for my baby bro, it’s tmrw. 🙂 thank you!


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Makes the world go round… Right?

okay, so most everyone that knows me, knows I’m a Wiccan. And uh, one of my favorite holidays is right around the corner. I know I’m not allowed to wear any of my pentacles or Wiccan jewelry to work. Fine. so be it.

But I’m not allowed to wear any jewelry that looks “New Agey” meaning, no crystals. That I’m at a complete loss of words for. Honestly!

However I can see people wearing the “Angel Wings” Nothing against Angels, I have a guardian one sometimes. But how can you deny me a crystal point, when others walk around with wings? I’m just asking. I know better than to take this to HR, they wear a crucifix. Still hakuna matata!

also I need a jewelry designer to help me out with a design I’ve got in my head. I love Rose Gold, and I want a rose gold pentacle. Cause yeah, I’m weird…whatever? I think it would be pretty. But…the design will disguise the fact that it’s a pentacle. See why I need help? LOL 🙂

updated: oooh, maybe a crystal point, with wings??? What do ya’ll think? 🙂

so Peace )0(

ps-if I can’t show my faith, why can others? quid pro quo.
Diversity is a beautiful thing, and not everyone on the Earth belongs to the same religious view point. I’m just saying….bummed out here. Next thing you know, my pumpkin on my desk will have to go.

oy vey

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Is it the time of year, to have all the cranky come out??

I’ve always been told, “You get more with honey, than vinegar.”

And people yelling at people, is NOT really conducive to getting anything accomplished. Because quite honestly, I see people moving slower the ruder and belligerant a person is to them. Welcome to Passive Agressive 101. And yes, I’m guilty of it too. If someone is yelling at me, I’m going to move as slow as possible. Tell me you don’t do it too? lol :p

so it’s countdown time, and I get to go back to my regular shift tomorrow. YAY! 🙂 so at 5pm, I’ll be doing the happy dance out of the building.

and awww, one of my favorite staff people, just brought me a present, it’s cute. And a cookie. For those that don’t know, I love cookies! mmm! 🙂

I will post today’s entries for the NaNoWriMo tomorrowish. lol 🙂

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