UGH 😦 I am so sick of this arm pain. Why no real entries from me for a while. My arm is killing me. I’ve got it frozen right now, no seriously, I have put a block of ice on it to freeze it numb. Works for a bit. Still no word from my RN about when I might be seen and oh maybe put on some type of pain medication. Maybe if I keep showing up at the ER they might get the hint that this HURTS! OWIES! sorry…whining over!

So I have started working on the prizes for my Gate Geeks and I’ve posted a few of them on the photoblog. And I needed a change of scenery for my background. “Dial the Gate, I’m ready to go!” LOL 😀

I can tell it’s been a full Blue moon week. And woot, I’m on call both days this weekend. Send me good thoughts. And some more ice. lol :p

so back to work work, and then in between some fun creative stuff! if you haven’t been to the photoblog here’s the link: MChel’s

Have a Great Day and Weekend!! Stay safe!