Woohoo!! Squeee!!! I’m a fangirling!!! 😀

and from the little voice in my head; “It’s about time!”

May I be one of the first to let you know about: Indianapolis Wizard World

And one of the inaugural guests is the one, the only, William James T Kirk Shatner! 😉

(yeah, I know I loved Denny Crane, but honestly…)
and for the truly nerdy- his role in Fanboys as Scruffy Nerf Herder! OH YES! 😀
My fave line; “I’m William Shatner, I can score anything!”


Yep! my lil fan girl ❤ is exploding with all sorts of Trek Happiness!!!!

So now then my Klingon, Vulcan and Trek friends, where are we meeting up? LOL

I’m scheduling my vacation around this week! yep, Hubs is soo going to be impressed. HA 😉
He’s not as big a Trek geek as me, he’s into all those Mech movies.
You know. Pacific Rim.
And nothing wrong with that. But dude! The Wars, The Trek? WTH! LOL 😛