30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: Day 25

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You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

25.  What is the greatest wish/dream for my life? How can I begin to work on that? 

Ah, the difference 25 years make, yep! When I was 25 I wanted to own my own metaphysical book and craft shop! Had the building all picked out, etc. But then life happened.  And thank goodness it has! 😀 Now, I want to stay happy with my husband of 18 years and our fur son, JiJi! I want a job that is less stressful and that allows me more time with my family! Easier when you get wiser and learn where your priorities truly need to be! As for how am I working on that. Well, I’ve just started actually. And I’m going to stay mum for now. 😉

Another short but sweet entry! There are some things however that I don’t want to be posted online yet. I have my reasons!

30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: Day 21

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You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

21.  If I work with cards, what’s my favorite deck and why?

I do work with Tarot cards not as much as Patrick does, but I do. I have a favorite deck, but that’s my personal deck and I’m not into sharing about it! Call me superstitious if you must, but more likely I don’t give away certain aspects of my life! 😉  Did anyone notice that I didn’t explain why I use the pendulum more than cards yesterday? NO.  I didn’t think so. lol 😀  okay, Patrick is much better at reading the cards then I am, however, I am the better crystal Witch! Pendulums, spells or pouches with crystals, reading specific crystals that you draw out a pouch I have. Why I get so upset and sometimes angry with people that want to touch my jewelry! Stop It! I also don’t like to be touched but that started after the place I work at. Bad energy and Vibes from co-workers, not clients! OI! NOT a happy place to work at and one of the reasons I went to third shift!

Anywho back to today’s topic: Now I’ll gladly share the app that I use because I don’t carry a deck of cards with me all the time, and it’s not always prudent to pull out my pendulum! 😉  Plus as technology has improved and with the lack of community here I have become more and more what I call a techno witch, meaning I use apps and my laptop for my virtual book of shadows and spell work. Lots of stuff is available online if you know where to look! 😉 I’m still looking to work with one of my artist friends to help me design the techno pentacle! Hey, I’ve seen lots of pentacles in Oregon that were specific to a coven there. 😉 Where I got the idea!!

I use the Goddess Enchantment Oracle Cards available on the iTunes App Store for free, naturally, you’ll have to pay to unlock the full deck and other bennies! But trust me, it’s worth it! I use this app a lot! :)The app is also available for Android! The Goddess Enchantment Oracle Cards by Carrie Kirkpatrick deck is available on Amazon!

What the App logo looks like! 😉 Very Subtle-one would never know this is a Pagan/Wiccan App!

A screenshot from my iPad. 🙂

I also like that I can email myself my reading! Because once you close the app you lose it! I don’t always remember to add to the journal option. I prefer to email it! That way it can be read on the computer in front of me at work! woohoo! 😀

30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: Day 13

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You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

*yes, this is one of the ones I had in the wrong order-placed in its correct order now! ;)*

13. What are my least favorite spells to do and why?

LOL 😀 Well if they aren’t my favorite why would I do them, answer, I don’t!  If I don’t want to do a spell I don’t!  My spells take a deal of preparation, motivation, and willpower! So I don’t do them all willy-nilly!

Now, how about those annoying questions from ppl that find out I’m a Witch, can you/will you do a love spell, money spell, turn ppl into a Frog? OMG! I’m a witch, not your personal ATM, and love spells, remember and it harms none! so yeah, no! Guess what that person you can’t live without, can live without you and you really can live without them…don’t bind yourself to a crush-1 it’s stupid, 2 it never works out, 3 there’s someone better out there for you! And as to the request to turn someone into a Frog? Really? Why would I do that for someone? I wouldn’t! You have an issue with them, I don’t! Be an adult and go deal with it!!

“An it harm none, do what thou wilt.”

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