Last year around this time, I shared a snippet of my then story. And for those interested-it’s posted on: M’Chels Plot Bunny Musings this link takes you to the beginning and each chapter has a link at the bottom to go to the next chapter. I’m nice like that. 😉 plus it’s based on my own experience of how I like to read online stories. 😀

This years story: Colonel Storm; the Status Quo is the sequel to the above story. 🙂 and now for the snippet, ps- not betaed yet! (aka proof read)

“Understood, Alex. And do you want to go off world again?”

“Sure. With the all girl team, most definitely. It will go a long way to help my standing with Major Teldy. I’m helping her with leadership skills. She is technically the third in charge of the military. I know what it’s like to be a female leader, obviously.”

He shakes his head, “I don’t think they appreciate being called the all girl team.”

“It’s better than what I’ve heard. Besides first mission wasn’t that bad, but. Yeah. I’d like a bit of a go, with a cake walk. Build my confidence back up. Besides she said it’s a check up on an ally. I’d like to walk around and see what the rest of the Pegasus galaxy has to offer.”

“Well, then I think that would be a good idea. I’d like you to get to know a few of our allies and then escort me on a field trip to the Coalition.”

“Hm. Show off your hybrid?” She watches him choke on his tea, “Relax, Richard, I was joking. I can understand how having an alien as unique as I am would be to the coalition. In fact, I think I could be quite beneficial for our expedition. Once upon a time, the Ki’Tarans were allies of the Alterans. And Daniel didn’t send those books just for entertainment purposes. He wants me to read them, figure out what happened, and maybe learn how to fix it. I think. Anyway, I need to speak to Hermiod.”

Casual Alex-new hair

Hope you enjoyed, and look forward to reading it when it is finished. It too will be posted chapter by chapter after it’s revision in January. I just write, write and write in November. December is a break with some revision however the majority of the revising is done in January! 😀