*Just for fun*
Is your devotion to your cat and “cat things” in the training stage, at a moderate level, or extreme? Or are you an all out shameless “cat-a- holic?” Let’s just see how you rate as a “cat person,” shall we? See how many of these can you give an HONEST “yes” answer to:
–Can you meow so well that you can fake out your cats?
–Have you ever called your husband/wife by the cat’s name by mistake?
–Do you think of your cats as the “furry kids?”
–Did you ever decide to buy a house or rent an apartment based solely on the potential spot for the litterbox?
–Do you think cat hair in your food is a good source of protein?
–Last Christmas/Hanukkah, did you spend more money on cat toys than you did on gifts for the kids or grandkids?
–Are you at a loss as to how to talk to people who don’t own any cats?
–Does your wallet contain more photos of your cats than your kids or grandkids?
–Have you often slept on the very edge of the bed so that you won’t disturb the cat who’s sleeping in the very middle?
–Do you leave messages for the kitty on the answering machine?
–Have you ever invited a guest to sit down by patting the seat and making that noise with your pursed lips?
–Does your answering machine have the cat meowing on the outgoing message?
–When you go to the bathroom do you think of it as “using the litterbox”?
–Have you made a habit of setting a place at the table for the kitty?
–Do you know your cat’s birthday (or if not, have made a good guess) and have a birthday party to celebrate?
–When your husband/wife gives you the ultimatum, “OK, it’s me or the cat,” you don’t hesitate for even one second.
–Do your neighbors talk about you as “the nut with all the cats?”
How many did you answer “yes” to? I think just answering one with a “yes” is enough to qualify you as a “Cat Person.” But the number of yes answers determines the degree.
Your “Cat-ability” Score”
–1 to 4 yes answers: In training – you could do better, but it’s OK, you’re learning.
–5 to 8 yes answers: Moderate – working on it, improving nicely. Potential is there.
–9 to 13 yes answers: Extreme – just about there, almost mastered the art. Keep stretching yourself.
–14 to 17 yes answers: Totally possessed, hopelessly devoted, cat-a-holic. Congratulations! (But you’ll find no 12 step program here!)